Our pick of 5 free SEO tools to help you increase your website traffic

Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google results for its target keywords, but if your website is not there this could be caused by different factors that impact the ranking, like loading speed, keywords, and compatibility with mobile devices. Beyond this it is important to monitor not only the traffic that comes to your site but also the conditions it has to get more traffic from search engines. Here we share some free tools that will help you identify how well optimized your website is for SEO and suggest ideas to improve your position.

How to analyze the loading speed of your website?

If your site is too slow, search engines like Google may penalize your ranking in search results, even if your content is better than your competitors. To evaluate the speed of loading your site we recommend this tool:


This tool runs speed tests using two well-known tools, Pagespeed from Google and YSlow. This shows information about the loading time, download size and specific recommendations you can follow to make your website loading faster:

GXMetrix PageSpeed YSlow

How to check mobile devices compatibility?

With more than 1,8 billion mobile devices worldwide, being used around 2 hours a day on average, if your website is not compatible with mobile devices, you have a big problem and could lost a lot of traffic.

Google, in its latest updates, started to strongly penalize websites not compatible with mobile devices.

Google Mobile Test Friendly Tool

This Google tool runs some validation tests that will identify if your site is compatible with mobile devices.

Mobile Friendly test

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How to make an SEO diagnostic of your website?

Monitoring the elements that impact your SEO must be a recurring task. It's easier if you use some good tools; here are some that could help you to do this job:

  • Detection of SEO errors like duplicate titles or descriptions, broken links etc.
  • Tracking search engines ranking
  • Suggested keywords that can improve your positioning.
  • Monitoring of backlinks which can gradually increase your authority with the search engine.

At Toky, our SEO analysis is on a weekly basis to find opportunities to improve or correct details that could impact the traffic of our site www.toky.co. We are adding features to our product and pages continuously to our site and it is important to check if there are duplicated titles or descriptions or even broken links. These small details can be ignored easily because of the need to launch a site quickly and to share new product features which have a negative impact on our search engine ranking.

For this SEO diagnose tasks we suggest these tools:

Something important about all these tools is that they have excellent documentation so you can learn while you apply the suggestions.


This is a great tool that helps you to detect SEO errors and suggest optimization tips. It is constantly sending you specific ideas associated with the keywords you have for your business so you can increase your website traffic.



This tool also performs a complete SEO diagnosis and makes suggestions as specific tasks.OnPage SEO


This tool is very focused on your positioning in search engines and helps you see the evolution of the selected keywords for your website. You can track your search engines ranking and your competitors on certain keywords, and get ideas to improve your SEO strategy.


While it is difficult to ensure get listed on the first page of Google results, these tools provide interesting suggestions you can apply and check results with their own reports.

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