5 Phone sales mistakes that can kill your deals

At Toky we use our own virtual phone system for sales calls and customer service processes. We usually contact our leads B2B first by cold email and we try to close sales using phone calls. I want to share some common mistakes you can make when you start selling by phone and that can kill sales opportunities for your product or service.

1. Speaking like a game show host

Mysteriously, in many cases to have a better opportunity to sell, you can not sound like a salesperson. Sometimes, trying to sound professional, you can focus so much on your pronunciation and tone that you don't sound natural and your desire to sell is very obvious.

Your customer knows that the call is for sales, but it does not need to look like if he gets called from a radio station; so greet and introduce yourself naturally, ask permission to continue and if it is not possible for the customer to take the call at the moment, try to make an appointment. This simple process has been very effective for us because it facilitates us to engage in a normal conversation and not just look like simple salesmen but advisors who want to solve a problem or satisfy a business need of the lead.

2. Make your client feel that you are not paying attention to him

When you call your customer, stay away from Facebook, Whatsapp, your smartphone and anything else that will keep you from paying attention. The only thing you should have at hand is your CRM, the information of your lead and his company and your talent to talk. If you pay attention to your prospect, you will be able to better discover how your product or service suits his needs; but if you get distracted, in addition to losing valuable data that can help you in the sales process, your potential customer could realize and immediately feel insulted; If this happens, you generally have no way to recover and you will lose the sale.

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3. Contact your customer without a proper research

It is very important to know how your product or service can fit the needs of your potential customer and for it you must research properly. It's as simple as using Google, visiting the company's website, check social networks and trying to find news and any other information that can tell you why your potential customer might need your product or service.

Avoid excessive improvisation. It is one thing to talk and another to start showing that you do not know who you are talking to, apologizing every 5 minutes for suggesting things that are not needed or that do not apply to the business model or possible needs of your customer.

4.Talk badly about your competitors, especially if the customer is a user

Selling something by speaking badly about the products or services the customer already has is a big mistake because, in addition to being annoying, you can make the customer feel disrespected and you can lose it immediately. For example, at Toky, we know about our competitors, both traditional telephony, and other virtual phone systems, but we do not focus on how bad the other one is but on the benefits the business gets with Toky, we demonstrate our features and we talk about prices and we resolve doubts; perhaps if the customer mentions it, we make the comparison with his current solution, but we never do it directly.

5. Talking too much about your product or service

It is more possible to sell by talking about your product and what your customer need than just presenting how wonderful it is. Many sales representatives spend valuable minutes of the phone call, talking about the characteristics of their offer, without giving the customer the opportunity to interact and wasting the opportunity for direct and immediate contact that gives a call. No one likes the people who talk only about themselves and calling a customer to talk only about your product can create a barrier in the sales process, it doesn't motivate a conversation. At Toky, we have learned the value of a direct message because the person who answers is spending valuable minutes listening to you and to you must be concrete and offering your product focused on his needs. For this, you must first listen your customers to be able to show your product properly. Ask questions related to your product and the business process related, for example, you could ask your lead how does he do certain things, how is he solving certain problems etc. From there you start to talk and show your product in the process.

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