7 reasons to add a click to call button on your business site

As more and more retail purchases happen online, retailers are increasingly cutting back on in-store help and operating physical locations. These cutbacks have also affected customer service. Where before, customers interacted with a salesperson in the store, those conversations are now starting to happen via text message or sometimes even bots. However, customers demand from virtual businesses, the same immediacy that they usually have in physical stores. Although there may be exceptions between different types of products and services, usually none of your customers will want to wait.

Imagine this situation: leads come to your website thanks to a great effort from your marketing team that worked on your SEO and invested money in expensive ads or other channels. These potential customers navigate through your very well-designed website, looking for something they need; they feel attracted by your offer, but a doubt arises. More than 30% of your visitors will look for a live chat option, and they may be willing to wait a few minutes for your response, but maybe they will seek a more personal and immediate contact. Your visitors will look for a phone number available near them; but they realize that even though your business is global, your customer is in France and your phone numbers are from the USA; maybe they'll send you an email, but the impulse and purchase potential disappears in seconds. Without realizing it, you may be losing many customers in this way.

Click to call and VoIP to the rescue

Thanks to VoIP technology, you can add a click to call button to your website; with it, the visitors from the previous scenario will have a happier ending, they will find a way to click and contact a sales agent instantly. This button initiates a voice call without having to sign up anywhere or install additional software; solely by using their browser and their Internet connection. You can answer the call directly in a virtual call center that can be in any country or even with agents distributed in different locations. Your customer can be served in seconds, which will help you to exploit the interest and the opportunity, and improve your sales.

Why have a click to call button on your website?

Having a click to call button on your website will allow your customers to contact you through web calls or live calls; this generates, among others, the following benefits:

  1. Offer your customers, personalized and immediate contact at the right moment, when they are more interested in your product or service. This reduces abandonment rates because you have a channel to convert more indecisive customers.
  2. You can assist your customers from any country in the world, even with remote teams, they only require a good internet connection. A web call can be answered from a browser, desktop apps, mobile apps or you can even use call forwarding to any landline or mobile number as a traditional call.
  3. Reduce costs, since you do not need to have employees and phone numbers in all the countries where your business reaches. This can help you to start winning customers on locations where you have no local presence.
  4. Increase the chance of converting your web traffic into sales and get more out of your investment in digital marketing channels. Live calls have the same effectiveness as a phone call, so you can convert more visitors into customers, generating more return on investment in your promotion campaigns.
  5. Avoid your customers the pain of having to remember your phone number, which makes future contacts easier for new purchases or support requests. Your customers will always know that just by going to your website they can call you directly, without wasting time looking for emails or visiting your site and then using the phone.
  6. With a virtual phone system like Toky, you can start receiving calls coming from your website in minutes. The installation of a click to call button does not require complex programming knowledge; just by copying and pasting a code snippet or installing the Wordpress plugin, your visitors will be able to call you anytime.
  7. Your customers can call you for free, from anywhere in the world, and unlike Toll-free numbers, live calls with Toky don't have installation fees or per minute costs on inbound calls. Toky’s web calls don't have limited minutes or extra fees, just by having a paid plan, you can install the call widget on whichever site you need.

Which businesses benefit more from a click to call button?

Any business can find advantages on implementing a click to call option on its website, but there are some cases in which it could give an important power when converting visitors into customers:

  • Real estate business: If you publish a catalog of properties, customers will generally want to contact you immediately when they find something of interest to them, whether for use or investment. You can attract foreign investors as they can call you directly within your website if they find some listing that could be interesting for them.
  • eCommerce: Some customers may require more support from your sales team, especially when buying high-cost products or requiring specific explanations such as technology or machinery.
  • B2B Businesses: Offering business services usually demands direct contact between the interested party and your commercial team. A potential buyer can easily request a call to clarify doubts about your proposal, prices or contracting models.
  • Tourism and hospitality companies: Travelling can occur in a planned or unexpected way, and a phone call will always be seen as the most agile way to define travel plans, confirm tickets or reservations in a hotel or any accommodation service.

What can you do with the click to call button in the Toky live call widget?

To install the Toky widget on your website you have the following options:

Click to call button

Among the functions you can use to customize your live call widget are:

  • Select colors and languages ​​of the button to adjust it according to your corporate identity.
  • Establish different phone menus that operate as web extensions so that customers call directly the agent team they require.
  • Add custom greeting audios, for events like welcome, voicemail or busy agents.
  • Enable contact data request before starting the call if you need it.

Unlike other services in the market, Toky's click to call does not require the customer to leave their number to return their call; it's not a callback service. With just a click, a new call connects the customer's browser to your call center, which improves the agility in the service and enhances the customer’s experience. If you want the visitor to leave their contact information, you can enable that option as well, but it’s not required.

Toky offers excellent features to improve communication with your customers which work integrated with our click to call button. Try Toky for free

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