7 reasons to enhance your Ecommerce with cloud telephony

There are a lot of Ecommerce platforms where you can set up an online store easily and this is why the competition in the internet sales market is quite strong. Having a great customer service and an excellent shopping experience have become a great differentiator that you must bear in mind, besides offering a variety of products and an excellent delivery service. By having an online business, you may think only in email and live chats as an option to communicate with your customers; but phone calls still plays a very important role in the shopping experience.

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How to improve your Ecommerce site with a cloud telephony service

Whether you have a clothing online store or if you sell shoes, electronics or accessories by Internet, integrating a cloud telephony service with your business, besides offering a way how your customers can call you for free, it will give your store features that can help you increase your sales.

  1. Easy installation and configuration: Virtual telephony is a service that you pay monthly and does not require special devices or complex configurations. With just creating an account and in a few minutes, you can start receiving calls from your customers and start a complete call center even having a single agent to answer calls.

  2. Click to call button: This feature will allow your customers to start a live call with a single click, and they can ask about your products immediately. This click to call button is integrated with your website so your buyers can call for free from any country and city in the world.

  3. Virtual phone numbers: You can have a business phone number in the cities or countries where your online store has a delivery service. A local phone number shows customers that you are there and will give them trust by having a number in their country or city, which they can call to ask about your products, receive support or even about warranty or claims.

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  4. Distributed sales and support teams: Regardless of the country or city from where your Ecommerce operates, or where your agents are, they will be available to serve your customers easily. Cloud telephony allows you to receive calls on your computer, smartphone or landlines, enhancing collaboration and unifying teams in different countries as a single call center for your store.

  5. A Call center that grows with your business: You can start a call center with a single agent and add more as you grow, your agents may be in different countries. You can increase your capacity in seasons of high demand like Christmas and then reduce it without problems. Besides, a good cloud telephony platform allows you to group your agents to serve certain countries or even allow your customers to contact certain departments and directly call your sales or support teams.

  6. CRM Integrations: Keeping the information of customers organized and available for your entire team is key to providing an excellent service. Cloud telephony can be integrated with your CRM and register automatically data about all the calls made, received, lost and even the voice mails that your clients leave you.

  7. Low cost international calls: You can call your customers in the country you need at a very low price. Outbound calls are important maintain contact with customers; a follow-up call at the right time can be the key to closing a sale or to leave a good impression of your customer service. In a world where customer care has been automated, many of your buyers will appreciate a human service that shows concern for their needs and their experience with your products.

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