9 Tips to improve teamwork in your call center

Each agent in your call center should feel part of a team, and work in coordination with their colleagues so as to really achieve an adequate level of efficiency. This teamwork culture can be more complicated to create and maintain when you have remote teams, but here are some ideas that we'd like to share so that your team can improve their integration even when they are in different locations.

  1. Hold regular meetings with your work team: Define regular and short meetings with your team, where you share relevant information, goals, incidents and options for improvement.
  2. Define a common purpose: When each of your agents perfectly understands why they should do their job well, why it's necessary, and what the contribution and impact of each one is, to achieve a common goal, you increase the sense of belonging and improve everyone's commitment to doing things well.
  3. Set team goals rather than individual ones: You can have goals per agent to evaluate their specific performance, but team goals are the ones that foster collaboration. If good relationships and communication channels are established, they will help your team achieve a synergy level appropriate to help them be more productive, more proactive and reach your goals easier.
  4. Encourage communication between agents: Good internal communication between agents helps to build trust, strengthen relationships and stimulate collaboration. Without falling too much into gossip or irrelevant conversations, when each agent knows that they have moments to talk with their colleagues, they can also have the confidence to share doubts or seek support when required.

    With Toky, internal calls between agents are free so that your team can communicate with ease.

  5. Ensure that all members know everybody's roles, and how they can contribute: It is very important that each one knows how they can contribute to the achievement of the team's objectives, but also know how they can support other team members so that together they achieve proposed goals. It is important that each agent clearly understand their responsibilities and those of the others in their team, in order to detect opportunities for collaboration between them.

  6. Get leaders who encourage teamwork: A good leader will take your team to higher levels of efficiency, as long as they know how to maintain the appropriate level of empathy, responsibility and authority. The leader's communication skills as well as the establishment of open communication channels will allow your agents to work knowing that if they have any questions, they can turn to their superior.
  7. Encourage proper documentation of customer contacts: Build a culture of knowledge building among your agents and guide them in the language to use when documenting their customers' cases, in the CRM or when adding notes or labels to calls in their phone platform as they can do in Toky.
  8. Define clear lines of communication for transferring calls and inquiries: It is important that your agents know in which cases they can transfer calls and to whom depending on the case. You can even rely on the option to speak before transfer or warm transfer that Toky offers, so that they can inform the person who receives the call about details of the case before they attend the client.
  9. Train each agent properly: It is important that each agent has full knowledge of the processes to follow and the activities to be carried out, as well as a full understanding of your CRM, telephony and other tools. This will improve your efficiency, reduce your learning curve, and avoid consuming other team members' time on training at inopportune moments.

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