A good customer service is your best sales tool

At Toky we have understood something that many times you can believe that it is only a book phrase and is:

Customer service is an important part of your product.

I want to share some ideas for you to evaluate your customer service and think about it as a marketing and sales tool and not only as a channel to give support and receive requests and problems from your customers.

A bad customer service will harm your product

You may think that only having a good product will be enough to get you new and loyal customers, but the truth is that according to statistics 85% of your customers can churn because of a bad customer service experience. No matter how good your product is, if your customer service is poor, your customers will leave you at the first opportunity.

In Toky, we usually ask new customers about what phone service used before and with surprise, we have seen that several previous solutions are competitors. Many new users told us they changed not because their previous providers had a bad product, but because of poor customer service. However, behind the joy of having customers who preferred us over our competition, there is a big fear that we too can lose them for the same reasons, so we saw the importance of providing good customer service.

Providing an excellent customer service is not only a requirement of a good product but also a great differentiator.

Not having complaints is not the same as having satisfied customers

According to statistics 1 out of 26 unhappy customers will complain, the rest will churn. With this in mind, it is important to maintain constant contact with your customers and motivate conversations; customer service can't be just reactive, but proactive.

Customer service stats

Using simple strategies like email marketing campaigns with relevant content or follow-up emails can help you reveal issues before your customers simply suddenly churn. Is good to regularly ask your customers how they feel about your product or service, tracking how they use it and trying to detect possible symptoms of dissatisfaction. *Never think that monthly payments are an indicator of satisfied customers *

Your customer service is not only to solve doubts and problems, but also to be lead your users to the use of your product and to be there in case something goes wrong.

Offer several customer service channels for different kinds of customer

Customer service channels must go beyond just an e-mail and a phone number. In our case despite being a virtual phone service we offer free phone calls from our website, virtual phone numbers, email, live chat and a help center. Each type of channel is useful for each kind of customer; the help center has become an excellent tool for customer self-service and also helps reduce calls to customer support team.

All your customer service channels must be available on your website; it is estimated that 57% of calls to your call center are from people who first visited your website for help.

Optimize your customers' efforts to improve their loyalty

When one of your customers wants to solve a problem you should try to do it with the least amount of effort. According to a Forrester Research study, 77% of customers feel that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good customer service. By minimizing the time it takes a customer to solve a problem, you will increase his satisfaction.

It is important not only to keep a record of the incidents reported by your customers but also, to set a collaborative environment, in which communication in your team flows properly, aiming to solve problems in a short time; this can include for example changing communication channel and set aside email and chat and opt for a phone call when necessary.

Cisco Consumer Products decided to suspend some time its support by email and improve its help center and guide users by phone after seeing that solving a problem required on average 2.4 emails and only 1.7 phone calls. So they decided to promote their help center so advanced users could solve their problems with complete guides and the less experienced can be directed to telephone support.

At Toky, we use our virtual phone system a lot when we require contacting customers directly to solve specific issues that can not be addressed from the live chat or with our help center. The help center is constantly updated with questions that our users frequently ask on anyone our customer service channels. The priority is always to solve the problems in the shortest possible time; if there is any delay, we are informing the customer and after solving the problems, we send follow-up emails.

A satisfied customer is your best seller and he can help you to increase sales

A satisfied customer will always tell their experience to others and is also 6 to 7 times cheaper to keep your current customers than to get new ones. Loyal customers are valuable to any business and at Toky, we can say that our customers bring us new leads and usually include our telephony solution in new projects. A good customer service generates loyalty and with this the chance of upselling to your customers because they can buy additional services or grow with your product.

Customer service stats

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