Add phone numbers to Toky

Toky supports receiving calls from regular telephones through phone numbers you can get in more than 60 countries, and hundreds of cities.

You can add as many phone numbers to your account as you want, and these numbers can be from any country.

Steps to get yours

Order Phone Number

  • Select the number you want by specifying:

    • The Country.

    • Region: a friendly name for the area code of the number you want.

    • Send call to option: the telephone menu where your customer is going to be sent after calling to the number.

    • Language: the language of the greeting message you want to be played (if any) when your customers call.

  • After filling up the form, Request your number.

Finally, you will be taken to the payment panel to review your billing information and the whole process will end when the purchasing is confirmed.

Phone number form

Watch it working in the video below

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