Basic tips for selling more using a virtual phone system

A virtual phone system allows startups and small businesses to have a complete telephone system at a very low cost and which can grow as the business grows. A cloud phone platform can become one of your most powerful sales and customer service tools and this is why we like to share the following basic tips to get more out of your phone system for sales processes.

Expand your customer calls channels

Take advantage of the capabilities of the platform, not only to receive calls to virtual phone numbers, but also to receive live calls from your website and serve all your inbound calls with a single call center team, thus not only increase the probability of receiving calls from your customers, but also optimize the use of your team of agents and avoiding downtime.

Activates an IVR and assigns groups of agents

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) allows your customers to contact the appropriate team of agents according to their needs. If you define a good agents structure, you can allow, for example, that a customer who needs support can talk with a team and others who want commercial information are served by your marketing team; when the right team is contacted you can offer a faster response and customer's issues solved in a short time without requiring the transfer of calls between agents which is quite annoying.
IVR Interactive Voice Response

Always define an option in your IVR, so that the customer can leave you a voicemail in case he doesn't have how to wait for your agents to answer. You will stop losing many good leads.

Professional and descriptive greeting messages

Usually, virtual phone systems offer default greeting messages for a welcome, wait and busy events; it is important to customize these messages including information about your company and the IVR options in case of having it enabled.

Make sure the messages are short and clear, as your customers call you to be served by an agent and not to spend too much time listening to recordings.

Integrate your CRM and your tools with your virtual phone system

If you are going to receive inbound calls and also make sales calls or cold calls, it is important to have your activities integrated with CRM software. A CRM integration with your phone system, will speed up your sales processes and will prevent you from manually registering the data of your calls in your CRM or worse, avoid the risk of forgetting it and perhaps make some of your agents call a customer ahead of time and affect the probability of a sale. If you use extra tools to collaborate with your team like Slack or Intercom tries to validate if they can be integrated so that all your tools operate as one and this will optimize your sales processes improving your customer service.

Use your call history to avoid losing potential customers

A good virtual phone system has a caller ID feature and integrates a call history where it keeps track of all inbound calls. On a daily basis, check missed calls and phone numbers of customers who leave a voicemail and call back to some numbers, if you know how to establish a good conversation you can get leads that you might have lost if you did not have the phone number record for incoming calls.

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