Basic tools to work efficiently in your home office business

A few years ago, if you had a business idea it was almost mandatory to include the costs of an office or a commercial place in the initial investment; but now, the technology is helping entrepreneurs and if you want, you can start a business working from your own home.

If you decide to start a business having a home office for your business, it is necessary to maintain separate the personal and work world; to do this I want to recommend you some basic tools that you must have in order to get your business up and running with the capabilities of your competitors and having a good customer service:

A phone for your business

It is not good to walk around offering your home phone number to your customers, especially if you do not live alone; besides, despite what you can believe, dedicate a mobile phone for your business, although functional, will not offer the best features in terms of customer service. Cloud telephony is then a better alternative to your landline, mobile or even to acquire a new traditional phone line because it can offer you among other things:

  • A Virtual phone number for your business, with which your customers can contact you with a local call to your own business phone number, which you can answer using the Internet, either in your web browser or in an app.
  • Phone system services such as voicemail, caller ID, simultaneous calls and other functions that will be very useful for your business.
  • Internet phone calls with which your customers can start calling your business for free from your website with a click to call button.

A business email and not a free one

You could do as many entrepreneurs and start using a free Gmail or Hotmail account, but if you get your own domain that could cost less than US $ 50 per year depending on the name you choose, you can use a service like Zoho Mail that gives you up to 25 accounts of 5 Gb each in its free plan. It is a very good service and you will be able to offer your clients a real business email that will give a better image to your business.

In addition to showing a better brand image to your customers, an email with your own domain will allow you to make better use of tools such as Mailchimp and others that work best when they do not register with free emails.

A chat service on your website

The more alternatives your customers have to contact you, the better; if you have a website, a chat option greatly facilitates that your customers contact you. For this there are great payment options like Intercom, but you can also use free alternatives like that will not only allow you to chat with your visitors but also keep statistics of your conversations and even track visits to your site, not to mention that this solution has its own app.

If you have a fan page on Facebook, the messenger chat can also be integrated with your website with this widget generator

A CRM to keep your customers in order

Your customers are the biggest asset to your business; it is good that you have them organized from the beginning of your business and it is important to have a system that goes beyond a spreadsheet or an agenda. There are good CRM solutions that you can use with just having a good internet connection and they will help you not only to save customers contact data, but also call history, deals and what you need to serve them properly. Some CRMs have free plans that you can start with, such as:

The best thing is that having your phone system and your CRM integrated, with Toky you can have everything in one place, we connect with the previous CRM and much more. [Try Toky Business free] (

With these tools, you can have a better home office and start to work on your business in a better way. Whether you offer services or sell products with these tools will not matter if you are working at home or on the street serving and looking for customers.

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