Benefits of using WhatsApp Business for sales and support

Regardless of the size of your business, WhatsApp Business is an excellent option to improve communication with your customers. Beyond the millions of people who use this chat application, its ease of use and familiarity for many of your customers will have them turning to this channel when they have any questions about your product or service, or when they need assistance in their purchase process.

There are great benefits that you can enjoy when enabling WhatsApp Business in your business, including:

  • Immediate communication with your customers: One of the greatest benefits of WhatsApp is the ease with which your customers can get quick and personalized responses from your agents. This sense of immediacy makes customers prefer this channel, even over phone communication, since they do not have to wait for your IVR to answer them and an agent answers.
  • Use more than text in your chats: In a WhatsApp conversation you can use images, videos, audios, documents and location pins to improve communication with your customers, offer more information about your products and services and facilitate the closing of a sale or improve customer experience.
  • Ability to handle more than one conversation at a time: Your agents will be able to handle more than one conversation at the same time in an efficient way. Although it is recommended that this concurrency be moderate so as not to detract from the customer experience, you can take advantage of your agents more efficiently.
  • Customers always identified: Unlike other chat or voice channels where your customer can remain anonymous, in a WhatsApp conversation you can always have the customer's mobile number, to be able not only to correctly identify it in your CRM, device or virtual telephony platform, but also to be able to make subsequent calls or send them SMS messages when authorized.
  • Multiple agents using WhatsApp Business API: When you use WhatsApp Business through a virtual phone system such as Toky, you have access to one of the most powerful alternatives: WhatsApp API. This option allows you from a single platform to manage WhatsApp conversations at the same number of simultaneously with many agents. This is a great advantage compared to the WhatsApp Business App option that only allows one person online.
  • Easy to start conversations from your website: In a very simple way you can offer a Click to chat button on your website so that your visitors start conversations with your business easily. This option will open the person's WhatsApp app if accessed from a mobile device, or the WhatsApp Web application or the desktop application when you are on a computer.
  • Available from a mobile device or a desktop: Your clients can start conversations from any device easily and manage a consistent and continuous communication experience. Toky also offers Toky chats which is an application that will allow your agents to attend WhatsApp conversations from their mobile device.

In conclusion, all these benefits are combined so that your customers perceive your WhatsApp Business channel as an immediate, effective and personalized way to receive a response to their support requests and timely support to close sales processes.

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