Discover enhanced call details and a Google Sheets add-on for reports and call center dashboards

At Toky, we work continuously to improve our service and offer our customers better ways to take advantage of virtual phone systems in their sales and customer service processes. Here are some improvements that will surely be useful when using Toky in your call center:

Improved call details screen

Open your call history to analyze each call in greater detail with one click:

Call history

Then you will find a new screen where you can find much more information about each inbound and outbound call:

Call detail records

Easily access information such as the origin of the call, destination and virtual phone number used and identify details such as date, time of the call, duration, listen to the recording, and even get access to the customer's contact information in the CRM integrated with Toky.

Import data to Google Sheets with the Toky Data Importer

You can use our Toky Data Importer add-on to import data from your Toky account into Google Sheets. By doing this, you can create your own performance indicators.

Calls data import to Google Sheets

Using this tool you can import:

  • Call information by date ranges
  • Agent List
  • Contact List
  • SMS text messages by date range

With this information, you can create your own indicators and reports either in the same Google Sheets or using Google Data Studio connected to your spreadsheet. We hope that with this our clients have the flexibility to do their own analysis and have an additional alternative to our standard reports.

Toky offers you many more features to improve your sales and customer service processes. Try Toky for free.

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