Call forwarding with Toky

Enabling call forwarding lets you receive calls on any phone (cellphone or landline), without needing an Internet connection and using only your phone number.

How does it work?

When you are offline on the Dashboard, Chrome extension and Android application, Toky will forward the inbound calls to the number you entered. This will connect calls coming from the web or your Toky business phone number, to the number you have specified.

Does it cost?

Yes. Unlike calls received using an Internet connection, a forwarded call is a regular phone call, and we charge you a minute-by-minute rate at very low prices.

Check out our rates here.

How to configure it?

It's configured agent by agent in 5 easy steps.

  1. In the Dashboard, go to agents.

  2. Select the agent you want to enable the forwarding for.

  3. Write the phone number in international format.

  4. Check on "Forward calls to my phone when I'm offline".

  5. Save.

And that's it!

Do you wan't a summary? Watch the video tutorial next.

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