Improve your customer service with call monitoring

Call monitoring is a feature that allows you to connect to ongoing calls to listen in on the conversation, this way you won’t only be able to evaluate the customer service quality, but also take advantage of the whisper option that allows you to speak with the agent and support them without the customer listening to what you’re saying.

Call monitoring use cases

  • Provide support in calls with difficult or important customers, get better results through allowing agents with more experience to support the agent with the call.
  • Collaborate between sales teams and other areas through calls involving agents who can support with different information, improving the speed and the quality of the responses in negotiation processes.
  • Training and follow up processes for new call center agents.
  • Customer service quality control.

How does Toky call monitoring work?

  1. If you have the right permissions, the Monitor Call button is visible for ongoing calls.

    Call monitoring button
  2. When you click on the Monitor Call button, a call window in monitoring mode will appear, and you’ll immediately start to listen in on the call. If you want to say something to the agent, just click on the Whisper button and you’ll be able to talk to the agent without the customer hearing your voice.

    Call monitoring Window

  3. The agent on the call can know if they are being monitored and by whom.

Call monitoring agent window

You can learn more about how to use this Toky feature in our Help Center. \

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