How a Call Recording service can be good for your business

Do you usually end a sales call with a customer and realize that you missed something, or that because of being concentrated taking notes, you ask your customer to repeat information several times? These situations can often not be very good for the sales process and can be easily solved with a call recording service.

Virtual phone systems, such as Toky, allow you to record inbound and outbound calls that involve a phone number. This feature can benefit your business and your sales process in the following ways:

  • Avoid losing important details of conversations with your customers: If you did not write something down, you should only play the call recording on your phone platform and write down what you needed.

  • You can focus on your customer and leave note taking for later: You can focus in converting that lead into a customer and get a sale, and leave the note taking for later; this facilitates the process and helps the conversation.

  • You can have legal support for some processes: A call recording can work as a legal support in some countries and serve as the endorsement of a contract between your business and your customer or simply document support you in legal disputes.

  • Quality control of your call center: What better way to validate if your agents are taking care of your customers properly or to verify a complaint from a dissatisfied customer than listening to that conversation in which the conflicts were presented.

  • You can make transcripts easily: You can generate transcriptions of conversations either manually or automatically, which can be used as documentation of a process, training material, etc.

What should you keep in mind before enabling call recording from your customers?

It is important to review the legal implications of recording customers calls, this may be different from one country to another. You can find conditions like the following:

  • It may be required that you inform your customer that the call can be recorded for quality control purposes or legal issues in case it is the endorsement of a contract.
  • Some countries allow the recording of calls without notice, as long as you have the consent of one of the parties involved in the conversation.
  • Call recordings may be required by third parties for legal purposes.

After reviewing these conditions, you can start enabling call recording and take advantage of its benefits. If you want to learn how to enable this feature in Toky, you can read this article

With Toky, inbound and outbound calls can be recorded easily for every virtual phone number and you can do much more with our great features. Try Toky for free!

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