Use call recordings in your call center to improve sales and support processes

Call recordings are a very valuable feature you can use when you have a call center with a virtual phone system. While you must be aware of the rules applied to each country regarding call recordings, it is clear that these audio files have many commercial, legal and monitoring utility.

Use cases for call recordings

Call recordings created in a cloud phone system, become digital files you can store, classify, share, listen, and transform in many ways; this flexibility expands their utility in a significant way.

Stop taking notes during a call

If your agents know they can rely on a call recording when they need to get information from their conversations, they can focus on providing great customer service and not in writing stuff down and asking to repeat information. This can improve your team’s efficiency and your customers will feel that their situation is being taken care of completely, in addition to important quality improvement when it comes to the information reported on each call.

Use them as legal support for an agreement

In some countries, when an appropriate process is carried out, call recordings can become valid proof of an agreement between your business and a customer. Audio files can be presented in legal proceedings in support of claims or complaints.

They allow you to execute a proper quality control of your call center

You can use call recordings to evaluate the quality of the customer service provided by your agents, or even analyze specific situations such as customer complaints or claims.

They can be transcribed to take advantage of text search engines

Call recordings are audio files that can be processed by Speech to Text or STT systems and converted into text files. You can store call transcripts or upload them as attachments to your CRM software for later reference.

They can push your agents to offer a better service

When your agents expect to be recorded, they can feel they need to pay more attention, control their language, emotions, and follow the established procedures since the recording is irrefutable evidence for an audit.

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