Close more deals with a phone system integrated to your CRM

A well-used CRM software can become the most important engine of your sales force; Whether you are the only one that sells or if you have a marketing team, having organized all the information of your current customers and leads, as well as their contact history, will help you greatly improve your customer service.

Usually, a good CRM system has features that help you to track the emails you send to your contacts keep a record of them, but as for your phone calls, you must manually register them. However, new cloud telephony systems make it easy to integrate phone records with your CRM and even help you make calls directly via the Internet to landlines or mobile lines without having to use a phone.

How is the sales process with a CRM integrated with your telephony?

To give you an idea, I want to share some sales processes that we do at Toky.

  1. When our sales team contacts a lead via email, the email is sent directly from our CRM to keep track of the contact and their response.
  2. In many cases, a phone call is scheduled to make a more detailed explanation of our service or to make a demonstration.

    Tip: It is important to always arrange a date for future contacts with the client to call him at times when he can answer and avoid trying to contact him at inappropriate times. This is not only ineffective but may inconvenience the client and affect the relationship

  3. Our agents add the phone number to the contact profile and leave a reminder in the CRM system with the date agreed with the client.

  4. On the day of the meeting, our agents make the call with a click without leaving the CRM; the call is registered automatically in the system.

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If the customer calls to any of our virtual phone numbers, the integration between the telephony platform and the CRM system enables the call identifier of incoming calls, whether they are answered from the internet browser, from our Toky Android app or from a VoIP app for iPhone. This is thanks to the automatic synchronization between the CRM contacts and the telephone system. If the customer calls during non-work hours, his voice mail is also registered in the CRM history.

The integration between telephony and CRM has helped us to improve the productivity of our sales team because it is a process that turns the CRM and the phone system into a single solution with which our call center works continuously.

How much a CRM and cloud phone system integration cost?

In many cases, CRM integrations are included as an added value of the cloud telephony service and outgoing calls have a low price per-minute compared with international calls made by traditional telephony. You must bear in mind that this kind of integrations simplify the sales and customer service process; in our case at Toky, the ability to perform all the marketing and support processes from the CRM has allowed us to increase the conversion, to better serve our clients and having a history available for the whole team facilitates that any agent can contact a client with the necessary information to serve him properly.

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