Cloud phone system to boost teleworking

Businesses are evolving quickly, going from being offices of brick and mortar to digital locations on the Internet, which you can contact through digital means. Although not all businesses can migrate 100% to the cloud, there are a good number of activities that can be carried out remotely without negatively impacting the operation and even generating cost reductions due to the little dependence on physical spaces.

Teleworking or remote work is based on the combination of different technologies to ensure that productivity is not affected and even increases. One of the critical technologies to maintain an effective teleworking model is to have a virtual telephony platform.

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Virtual telephony, being based on VoIP, only requires that each connected user has an internet connection. But beyond just making and receiving calls, having your business connected through cloud telephony your business gains the following benefits:

  • Cost reductions since your employees can work from home or wherever they want and serve clients as if they were in the office, but you save the costs associated with a traditional job.
  • Flexibility: You can start a call center from an agent and start adding or removing agents easily without having to depend on equipment or complex facilities. If an employee who is in your office must go to work at home, they can use the same applications to make and receive calls or use any of the features anywhere. You can also allow your teleworking agents to answer any of your business phone numbers, whether local or international.
  • Mobility: With virtual telephony, any device can be used as a business phone, so your agents can be mobile, which will allow them not only to serve clients from any computer connected to the internet but they can use apps on their mobile devices to be connected to your company's call center even when you are away from home.
  • Ease of learning: Cloud telephony solutions like Toky are easy to learn, so new agents will be able to get up and running quickly and using the same telephony application at the office or at home, they will be able to alternate with telework without problems.
  • Collaboration: All your employees will be able to work as a team regardless of whether they are telecommuting or in the offices, since they can call or transfer calls in the normal way.

A virtual telephony platform is a basic tool to have an adequate telework routine since it not only facilitates communication with your clients but also allows the teams to work in a unified way, facilitating that communication is done as if they were in the same Location. Additionally, for clients, contact with your company will remain consistent regardless of whether it is attended by an agent in the office or teleworking.

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