Why you should choose cloud phones over desk phones for your business

Although having traditional landlines is still an alternative for many businesses, VoIP technology has been replacing these devices, and wire dependent telephony, with cloud services that allow any computer or device to be used as a business phone. This also reduces costs and allows for access to new features that can help to improve communication channels for any company, enhancing collaboration and improving the quality of customer service. Eliminating desk phones and dependence on them allows companies to have the flexibility required for the world today, where employees must be connected and serve customers from wherever they are.

Here are some reasons why you should consider cloud phone systems when looking to improve business communication with customers and collaboration in your work team:


Landlines and traditional telephony require the purchase of desk phones, networking devices and wiring. With cloud phone platforms, by using internet connection, it's not necessary to purchase specialized devices since any desktop or mobile computer can be turned into your business phone.


A deskphone does not allow your team to take calls outside the office, and although you can have cordless phones, they only work near the bases that must be connected to the business network. Cloud phones, however, in being a software, require only an internet connection, so you can answer calls from anywhere as if you were in your office.

Call quality

Although the quality in desk phones and traditional telephony networks is usually very good as it is fully associated with the business network and devices specifically designed to make and receive calls, virtual phone systems and the quality of its calls depends on the stability of your Internet connection; however, the current VoIP technology allows you to have an excellent call quality even with home internet.


Desk phones are designed primarily for voice calls that rely on keypads and special buttons, some of them dedicated to operations such as call transfer. A softphone used by cloud phone platforms like Toky, offers numerous options to make normal operations easier, and integrating new features such as chat and SMS.

Call transference

Unlike traditional telephony where the extension numbers of other persons is necessary to effectively transfer your calls, a softphone allows you to search by name or number to whom you want to transfer the call, speeding up communication and reducing customers’ waiting time.

Presence control

With a deskphone, you don't have an easy way to know if your teammates are available or on a call, making communication or call transfers difficult. Softphones allow you to always see who in your team is disconnected, online, or on a call, avoiding unnecessary call attempts.


Activating new features in traditional telephony requires changes in the telephone network and even the devices, resulting in new investments; instead, any new features of the cloud phone platform will be available just by updating the softphone application.

Uncluttered desk

Although it may sound irrelevant, there are offices or cubicles which are not very spacious and a deskphone and its wiring can waste space that can be used for other purposes; However, by not depending on a device, cloud telephony can use an employee’s computer or mobile device as his business phone, without depending on additional wires.


The solving of problems in traditional telephone networks may require device maintenance and even cabling, which can generate additional costs and the suspension of service. A VoIP problem is generally solved from the provider’s cloud or, if it's something local, correcting issues with the device, software or internet connection.


Giving a landline to a new employee requires phone configurations, wiring, and settings in the associated service. When an agent is enabled in VoIP telephony, they need to download and install the softphone and log in with their user, and the software is automatically configured.


Growing your company on traditional phone lines can be expensive and, if you need to downsize your team, maintenance of the wiring and storage of the deskphone is necessary until required; in VoIP telephony you can increase your team or reduce it whenever necessary and even decrease your monthly payments.

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