Cold calling tips to get more customers

Cold calling is a very effective sales method if done carefully and planned correctly. In this process, a team of agents makes a series of calls to a list of prospects to make a commercial offer, and it is vital that these calls are made in an efficient and measurable way.

For a cold calling campaign to be successful you can take into account the following tips:

  • Create a right leads list to call: It's important that a proper process is carried out to get a correct list of prospects that meet a validation which ensures that they are at least people or companies that may be interested in your products or services. Calling someone who does not correspond to your customer segment is a waste of time and money.
  • Automate the process to the maximum: In a cold calling campaign, you must plan so your agents focus on what's necessary, which is making the calls to the right prospects and executing the right conversations. This is best accomplished if your agents stop worrying about manual tasks like dialing each number, logging calls in a CRM, or even responding to voicemails.

    Toky's virtual telephony offers you a power dialer tool that minimizes number dialing errors, CRM integrations that automatically log call events and a voicemail drop feature that allow your agents to easily leave pre-recorded audios in voicemails. Your agents will be able to focus more on your customers and prospects, leaving the manual tasks to Toky.

  • Prepare scripts or texts before calling: It is important to prepare previously what your agents should say to each client or lead, including even the answers to the most common objections such as time, price or competitors.

  • Document the results of the calls: It is important that your agents briefly record the results of each call in order to measure the success or failure of each sequence of calls. Virtual phone platforms such as Toky allows users to add notes and tags to calls in order to be able make a later classification.
  • Record and transcribe calls to text: Another important element to improve the effectiveness of calls is that your agents are not obliged to take notes during the conversation with each prospect and for this the call recording is an important resource. Your agent can tag the call in a way that it is known that the recording should be listened to again to extract important data from the conversation, you can also make use of the speech to text feature and add transcriptions to your CRM or collaboration tool.
  • Increase the probability of response: To guarantee a response to your calls, you must estimate a suitable time to call your clients or prospects. It's also good to keep in mind that people are not very prone to answer calls from unknown numbers, so you can rely on virtual phone systems and buy a virtual phone number from the area or country of your prospects since they are more likely to answer a call from a local number than from an international one.

With Toky, you can call your leads and customers around the world, using features like CRM integrations and call recording to focus on asking your leads the right questions. Try Toky for free

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