Combine Toky phone system with Kustomer CRM platform

Kustomer is a CRM platform with different features that allow you to improve your customer service processes, for businesses in financial services, health, education, retail, government and much more.

To integrate Kustomer CRM and Toky, follow the simple steps found in this article.

After enabling the integration, your agents will be able to make calls without leaving Kustomer so that they can use all of Toky's features with just a few clicks. By clicking on your contacts in your CRM, you can also call, use Toky features such as sending text messages, adding notes and tags to calls and also using voicemail drop.

Kustomer CRM click to call

Streamline your sales and support processes, as Toky will automatically log calls and text messages in Kustomer including data such as duration, status and recording.

Kustomer CRM call event from Toky

Use Toky to facilitate communication with your customers with advanced features like power dialer, WhatsApp Business, call monitoring, and more. Try Toky for free!

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