Agents and Agent Groups

Toky uses the concept of agent to refer to any person inside your business/organization you want to receive calls. You and your employee are examples of agents.

Even though we define agent as a person authorized to receive calls, you don't necessarily need to be answering calls to be considered as it. Having access to the Dashboard makes you an agent too, and this definition is equally valid as the latter.

Group of agents

As the name implies, is a group of agents created to be able to handle them as a unit. Examples of groups could be:

  • Sales Team
  • Support Team
  • Dev Team

They exist for the purpose of keeping everything clean, since it's much easier to manage groups than to manage individuals.

Adding agents

In the sidebar of the Dashboard, go to the Agents Menu, and click on Add Agent.

Add agent

A configuration form will show for you to fill the required data.

agent form

  • Full Name.

  • Email.

  • Type: Normal or Administrator.

    • a Normal agent is only able to answer calls and see the call history. No administrative task privileges.

    • an Administrator can do almost everything in the system: add users, numbers, greetings, etc. The only thing that is restricted from him/her is the ability to make payments and see the billing information. This is a sole privilege of the agent that created the account.

  • Personal call link: is a direct line to the agent. It can be interpreted as the equivalent of an extension in a regular PBX, but with a link instead of a number.

  • Phone: phone number of the agent in international format.

  • Forward calls to my phone ...: when checked, it will forward every call coming to the agent to the phone number entered in the phone field. The calls will only be forwarded if the agent is offline.

  • Allow only private calls ...: when checked, the personal call link will only be visible to fellow agents inside the business/organization. People with no credentials won't be able to call that agent from the outside.

  • Group to which he/she belongs: select the agent groups the agent belongs to. The agent must belong to, at least, one group.

After you finished filling up the required information, Save Changes and a confirmation email will be sent to the agent to enable the account.

In case the email you entered didn't arrive, please check if you typed it right.

unconfirmed agent

If you did type it wrong, delete the agent and restart the process, if not, try resending it.

resend email

Once the email is confirmed, the agent can start to receive calls immediately.

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