Create a call center dashboard with Google Data Studio and Toky connector

Toky has a Data Studio connector with which you can create your call center reports using this powerful Google reporting tool. Although Toky offers reports with essential metrics of your virtual phone system, but we know that our customers may need more flexibility to use their data and generate their indicators, so we created a Google Data Studio connector.

To create your data source with Toky, you can click on this link and if you follow this tutorial you will be able to add the connector and the template report that we will explain in this post; the report template is an easy to use the dashboard of your call center.

Your call center dashboard

The Toky call center dashboard will allow you to choose a range of dates and filter the data by one or several agents to show you the indicators.

Call center dashboard parameters

Dashboard indicators

In the dashboard, you will find some critical data to control the performance of your call center, which will change depending on the period and agents you select. These components are:

Basic call center statistics

Call center KPI basics
  • Calls: Total registered calls
  • Internal calls: Calls between the agents of your call center.
  • Not answered: Calls not answered by the agents and which were logged as missed calls or voicemails.
  • Outbound calls: Outgoing calls made by your agents.
  • Inbound calls: Incoming calls answered by your agents. Includes the web calls
  • Web call: Web calls made from your widget or call link.
  • Talked time: The total sum of the time spoken in incoming and outgoing calls, including calls between agents.

The values of Not Answered, and web calls are included in the value of the Inbound calls.

Call center performance information

In this section, you can check indicators and reports with details about the calls made by the agents of your call center.

Call center report performance
  • Agents summary: Table with details of the calls made by your agent team where you can validate amount, incoming and outgoing calls, internal calls, spoken time and an average duration of your calls.
  • Inbound call status: You can see the state distribution of incoming calls by their states:
    • Answered: Inbound Calls answered by your agents
    • Voicemail: Calls that go to voicemail
    • Canceled: Calls that customers hang before the platform executes any action.
    • Missed: Calls that reach the phone platform but which were not answered by any agent or leave a voicemail.
  • Outbound call status: You can see the state distribution of incoming calls by their states:

    • Answered: Inbound Calls answered by your agents answered.
    • Unsuccessful: Calls that were not answered by the customers.
  • Outbound calls summary: You will be able to see more detailed information about outbound calls like destination country and hours in which most calls were made according to the time zone you defined in the report parameters.

With the Google Data Studio connector, you can design your own KPIs and measure the performance of your own call center and the use of different Toky features

You can also analyze the behavior of the calls in the period and the use of your phone numbers to detect the days and hours of the higher load for your call center.

Call center performance indicators
  • Phone number usage: You can see how your call center is using your virtual phone numbers.
  • Calls per day and hour: You can see which days and in which turns your call center has more activity, depending on the time of entry and exit defined in the report parameters. This data will allow you to determine if there are days when you have to extend your service hours.
  • Calls per day: You can see which days your agents answer more incoming calls or make more calls to clients.

You can interact with the report with sample data, or you can see it in Google Data Studio and copy it for use it in your business.

If you still don't know about Toky, we invite you to create your own call center, and start offering better customer service that will surely help you to sell more. Try Toky for free!

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