Create phone greeting audios using Text To Speech (TTS) services

When you use a virtual phone system such as Toky, you have many features available like greeting messages. The audios are the way your phone system interacts with your callers and it is important to configure them properly.
There are audios for different situations, like:

  • Welcome greetings
  • Busy agents
  • Voicemail
  • Closed business

You can also need audios for your IVR system to help users navigate better using audio menus. Toky provides default audio messages for some basic events in each of its supported languages, but we recommend you to replace these greeting audios and personalize them to make your business look better to customers. Many times, our customers leave the default audios for several reasons like time, resources, or simply because no one is willing to record some lines of text; but there are good alternatives that can be used to create these audios easily.

How to create phone greeting audios with IBM Watson

IBM Watson has a TTS (Text To Speech) service, which allows you to basically turn texts into voice messages, using male and female voices in several languages. To do this you must first do the following:

  1. Write the messages you want for your audios and add them to a table in a spreadsheet or text file.

    The texts must be well written and with good punctuation marks so that the text is correctly generated.

  2. Go to a Watson TTS demo

  3. Select the voice and the language you want to use for the message.

  4. Enter the message you want to generate in the text box.

  5. Press the Speak button to listen. Adjust the punctuation marks until you are satisfied with the audio generated.

  6. Click on Download to save the audio in MP3 format. We recommend you to put the name of the corresponding event (Welcome, Busy, Voicemail etc.) to each file.IBM Watson TTS

  7. After you have generated the audios for all events, you can proceed to convert them to WAV format so they can be uploaded to Toky. For this, you can use an online solution like Convertio

    You can take advantage of Watson's TTS service to create welcome audios in different languages.

Since you have all the audio ready in MP3 and WAV format, you can enter your Toky account and upload them in the corresponding options like IVR.

Toky IVR audios Learn how to load these audios to Toky for live calls and phone numbers without IVR or for phone numbers with IVR enabled

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