Create powerful call flows with Toky and MessageBird Flow Builder

Flow Builder is a MessageBird tool that allows you to create automated flows that can be triggered by calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages, and other actions, and uses different steps and conditions to generate an optimized process for any business.

Learn how to enable Flow Builder integration in this article.

The new integration of Toky with Flow Builder allows you to enrich your inbound call process by selecting the Toky IVR that will attend calls, depending on different conditions, using API calls, date, time, and other parameters.

MessageBird Flow Builder

You can also add different actions after Toky finishes the call in the IVR, and send text messages or emails, record information in your CRM or other systems through API calls, play dynamic messages, and much more.

MessageBird Flow Builder Forward to Toky

When you add the Forward call to Toky step, you will be able to select the IVR with which you want to attend the inbound call.

MessageBird Flow Builder

To use this integration, you need to have an active paid plan with MessageBird.

Toky can be integrated with different CRM and business applications, or you can create your own integrations with our API. Try Toky for free!

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