Discover the new Toky features

During these last few months, we've launched powerful features on our platform that we want to share publicly. Every new feature seeks to enhance Toky, helping you sell more and better serve your customers.

Extended dashboard

Enable our new extended dashboard with improved functions and appearance, accessing more Toky options with ease. Learn how to activate it in this article. Our agents' panel will help you better manage communication with your team members, check their status, and call them if necessary.

Toky Extended Agents Dashboard

Integration with Integromat

Discover this new integration that will allow you to connect your phone system with hundreds of business tools. With Integromat, you can create scenarios that will allow you to automate processes, connecting Toky with your CRM software, business applications, and much more. Learn how to activate this integration in this article.

Toky enable Integromat integratios

Phone numbers in new countries

Now you can buy local numbers in Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, India, and many other countries. Visit our coverage page to find out which other countries you can reach using Toky.

Toky phone numbers in Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, India

WhatsApp Business connected to your integrations

Connect WhatsApp Business with your CRM and get your conversations automatically synchronized. This integration can be enabled with Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, Slack, and other CRMs.

Toky WhatsApp integrations with CRM

Advanced functions to improve your processes

Power dialer

Boost your agents' efficiency in calling campaigns using our power dialer. Upload your destination numbers in a CSV file to your campaign, make a few simple configurations and let Toky make the calls for you.

Toky powerdialer

Voicemail drop

Record audios to leave in your customers' voicemail boxes when they don't answer.. Toky will record your audio so you can continue with other activities.

Toky voicemail drop

Ring strategies

Define how you want to distribute the calls in each group of agents. You can make Toky ring sequentially or simultaneously for all the agents in a group, as well as define a round robin strategy and assign priorities to every agent so that calls are answered by the best agent available.

Toky Ring Strategies

Besides the few features mentioned here, Toky has integrations and more that can help you improve your support and sales processes. Try Toky for free!

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