Enable Toky and Zoho CRM integration to improve your customer management

A good control and classification of customers is vital for any business. When you start growing it is important to have in one place the information from both customers, and leads and their contact history. The use of a CRM is necessary to achieve this.

Zoho CRM is a tool that provides great features to help small and large businesses to handle their customer's information. Toky has created an integration with Zoho CRM to keep track of calls you customers make to your virtual phone numbers. You can keep the history of inbound and outbound phone calls and even the voicemails; your contacts in Zoho CRM will be synchronized with Toky's phone directory so you'll always know who is calling.

Zoho CRM has a free plan that comes with a lot of good features and have a maximum of 10 registered users.

How to integrate Zoho CRM and Toky?

After creating your Zoho account, you must request a token with a click on this link on your web browser then you will see a code that you should copy. The token is the highlighted code in the following image.

Zoho API Token

After obtaining the token, go to Toky's dashboard and click on Tools; you will see a Zoho option on the right panel and there you can follow the steps to do the integration configuration.

  • At step 2 paste the previously generate token. Pegar Token Zoho CRM
  • At step 3 select the notifications you want to track in Zoho CRM. Toky Zoho CRM Notifications
  • At step 4 select the language for your notifications. Zoho CRM language
  • Jump to step 6 and make click on Enable and then on Save changes. Zoho CRM enable Toky integration
  • Now you will see the list of Zoho agents listed on step 5. Here you can link the Zoho CRM agents to Toky's.

After enabling this integration, you will see the history of every call received or made using your virtual phone numbers as well as who called, who answered and even if the caller left a voicemail.
Toky Zoho calls history

How to make a phone call from Zoho CRM?

To make calls from Zoho CRM, you must install our
Click to call Google Chrome extension. After installing you will see a small Toky icon next to the contact's phone number that when clicked will start an Internet phone call. Phone calls from Zoho CRM To learn more about our Click to Call extension, you can see this post

Now that you know how to integrate Toky with Zoho CRM, why don't you learn more about our platform and how it can help your business. Visit www.toky.co

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