Enhance your customer service integrating Front and Toky

Front is a platform used by many companies around the world to streamline their customer service, simplifying their communications and their service through messaging and email. Toky has an integration with Front that connects your calls data, SMS and even WhatsApp Business messages with the shared Inbox, providing a better customer experience with multiple channels served without leaving Front.

Integrating Front with Toky in a few steps

Connecting Toky's business phone system with your Front inbox requires a few steps that include authorizing Toky's access to Front and configuring how you want the integration to work. You can enable the integration following this article in our help center.

Front integration configuration phone calls

Improving your customer service with Toky

When you have the integration enabled, all your agents will be able to see the inbound and outbound calls logged automatically in the Front shared inbox you decide.

Front phone call automatically logged

You can also receive and reply to text messages from your Inbox

Front send and receive SMS text messages

By enabling WhatsApp Business with Toky, you can connect it with Front so that you can receive and reply to WhatsApp messages without leaving the platform.

Front WhatsApp Business integration messages conversations

WhatsApp Business has allowed many business to connect with their clients with a personal, direct and immediate channel. Start your business call center with Toky now and connect WhatsApp Business easily. Try Toky for free!

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