Why getting a local phone number can help you increase sales

Surely you had received calls from unknown numbers, some of which you answered to discover it was from a seller inviting you to buy some product or service. Why did you answer? The truth, it has been shown that among many things, the phone number that appears on your call identifier had a very important role.

Virtual phone systems like Toky, allows you to easily get virtual phone numbers in many countries which you can use to make international calls; but it has been proved that when you call a customer or lead with a local phone number, hopefully with his same area code, there are up to 4 times more chances of being answered. Besides, a local number offers the following benefits:

  • Your customer can easily save the phone number to return the call.
  • Local numbers offer your client a free and immediate way to contact you.
  • Local numbers are perceived as more reliable than calls from international numbers or with area codes other than the customers.
  • You can publish the phone number on your website to show your customer a local presence. This will also allow your customers to search by phone number and find your business in search engines.

It is good to keep in mind that in addition to the local phone number, there are factors such as the time and day of the call and the language used to close a sale, but a trustworthy phone number is a great start and can be a very low investment for the amount of money and sales that you could make or the customers you can retain.

How to use local numbers with Toky?

With Toky you can buy phone numbers in more than 60 countries, which you can pay monthly as long as you require them. The numbers acquired can not only be used for inbound calls but also for outbound calls that send the number to the caller ID of your customers.

After you buy the local numbers, Toky will allow you to select the outbound phone number for the call before contacting your customers.

Toky select virtual phone numbers

Similarly, you can select the outbound numbers in all Toky dialers in Toky.co and in the calling apps for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

Besides selling local phone numbers, Toky has great features to improve your call center and sales and support processes. Try Toky for free

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