Get back more sales time by integrating Zoho CRM and Toky

CRMs are solutions focused on streamlining sales activities by helping you control your processes and make them more fluid. The software enables your sales team to spend more time getting new customers instead of administrative tasks.

We know that manual tasks like logging call data can be tedious. However, they are essential, since the omission or misregistration of a customers' information, can generate chaos in your team's work. These errors can lead to undesired situations such as the loss of a customer or a valuable lead. In these situations, integrations and automations can help make these tasks easier to perform, or in some instances, the system can execute them without the intervention of your agents.

Zoho CRM is a sales management tool that helps you effectively control the commercial process from the moment your agents contact some leads until they become customers. This process works very well when the sales workflow uses only emails and chat, but when you contact customers by phone, your team often needs to account for a non-automated processes. More often than not, agents will need to switch between the telephone and the computer to perform the manual registration of these new contacts.

Toky's virtual phone system offers among its features the ability to integrate with Zoho CRM to reduce the time your agents spend on manual records and changing from the CRM to the phone. Your agents will also avoid losing valuable information by automating processes that are carried out with each customer or lead via a phone call.

Integrating Toky with Zoho CRM

You can quickly enable Toky’s integration with Zoho CRM from our integration panel. From there, we’ll help you authorize the connection between our phone system and your CRM by filling out some parameters.

If you want to learn how to enable our Zoho CRM integration, you can read this article in our help center

Optimizing your sales and support workflow with Zoho CRM and Toky

Once the integration with Zoho is activated, you can stop worrying about manually registering the inbound and outbound calls of your call center since Toky will be in charge of recording them automatically.

Zoho CRM phone activities

Each call record will have relevant information for proper monitoring of the customers' communication, which includes:

  • Call Type: inbound or outbound calls
  • Date and Time
  • Call duration
  • Phone numbers involved in the call
  • Link to the call recording in Toky. This recording saves you from writing down the details of the call and focusing on serving your client.
Zoho CRM call details

To make things even more efficient, you can install Toky’s Click to call extension for Google Chrome. Once activated, a button with the Toky logo will be available next to each phone number in Zoho. When you click on this button, you can start a call directly with any contact or send an SMS message if you have a number enabled and the destination number is a mobile phone.

Zoho CRM Click to call

If you are a Zoho CRM user, you can find Toky in the Zoho CRM marketplace.

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