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Suppose you just created an excellent post for your blog. You did the homework and you feel proud of what you created; you wrote about an interesting topic, your grammar and spelling are correct, you included attractive images and after analyzing the keywords well, you took into account the SEO; but more than that you wrote something valuable to your readers. Do you think that you just need to push the publish button and the readers will begin to flow?

The truth is, unless you are someone famous or have a site with thousands of visits every day, this is not going to be so. Every day more than 4 million posts are written, and many of them are written with equal or more effort than yours; It's sad, but it's a reality. Honestly, the creation of your awesome post according to the experts is only 20% of the work, the remaining 80% is to distribute it. Many people say that if the content is the king, the distribution is the queen.

Here are some ideas for sharing your content and generate traffic to your blog for free. At Toky, the distribution is an important task that takes place after the publication of each post.

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Social networks

Social networks are always one of the first channels to exploit. After publishing your content you must share them on your social networks and perhaps ask your employees and teammates to support you in this.

  • LinkedIn: Is great for B2B publications. You can post on your company page and also distribute on your own in the thousands of groups related to your customer segment.
  • Facebook: Is mostly for B2C publications but can also generate good results for B2B. You can try using a low budget and promote the post to achieve a direct reach to your market segment. You can also search for groups related to your customer segment and share the content.
  • Twitter: It is for all types of public and has the benefit that you can publish the same content several times without being SPAM, as long as you also mix with content curated from other sources
  • Google+: In addition to the publication in your profile, there are many communities in English and Spanish with thousands of members to whom you can offer your content.
  • * Pinterest: * If your post has an attractive graphics or infographic, you can search for some exposure in this social network.
    If you want your readers to share your content, you must make it easy for them. Be sure to provide them with a simple way to share your content in at least the main social networks; you can easily use solutions such as AddThis or SumoMe

Email lists

Your mailing list is one of your main distribution channels. Although it is normal that no more than 30% of your subscribers read your emails and less than 10% click on the content, you can achieve good traffic and even get those readers to share your post on their social networks if they consider it valuable.

If you use MailChimp for your email marketing, you can find good ideas on how to use it in these posts

News aggregators

Aggregators are platforms where you can share your content for free and they get lots of visits. You may not see immediate results or even get massive traffic soon, but they will always be an opportunity for showing your content to a fresh audience.
  • Flipboard: With more than 11 million visits per month on its website and over 500 million downloads of its app, this platform can be a different way of showing your content. Create a magazine and start adding your posts.
  • StumbleUpon: Over 16 million hits per month and more than 5 million downloads for its app, make this platform another good choice. You should keep in mind that you should sort the content well in the right interest and add the correct tags.
  • 8 million visits a month make it an interesting platform. You can create your own topics and add both your content and curing other interesting content to give it variety.
  • This site has more than 3 million visits per month and you can create a diary that can include your content and others that you can select or that the platform selects for you. It also has an option that shares automatically on Twitter the publication of your digital newspaper mentioning some authors.

We haven't tested Reddit, but experts like Neil Patel advise that it should be taken with care since it is a community that hates self-promotion and can hurt you rather than benefit if you do use it wrong.

Specialized communities

If you generate content related to marketing, SEO, social media and more, you may be able to share your articles in the following communities:

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