Getting started with amoCRM

amoCRM is an online CRM software used for customer management and sales process with great functionalities. Below we will explain some components and basic functions that you can take advantage of with this online CRM to improve your sales processes.

Toky has a great amoCRM integration that will help you to get more out of this CRM software.

Create new leads

New lead creation is the first step to use amoCRM since they will allow you to add not only basic contact information but also a title for the lead and also an economic goal for the possible business.

Lead amoCRM

Sales Pipeline

It is the series of states through which each of your leads will pass until reaching a state of sales closed or lost. This pipeline is completely configurable depending on your type of business, you can adjust it to have a personalized control of your sales process.

To configure your own sales pipeline you just have to click on the option Setup
Sales pipeline amoCRM

Lead generation sources

amoCRM allows you to add leads to your pipeline from different sources, such as online forms on your website, landing pages or integrations with Facebook or Mailchimp.

A normal day with amoCRM

After configuring your sales pipeline and defining some online forms or integrations to automatically generate leads, you can begin to carry out your marketing and sales process with tools such as:

  • Lead notes: Keep a record of all the important information of your lead process in a centralized way, so any member of your team can have the necessary information to help you turn the lead into a customer.

  • Task scheduling and execution: You can create for each lead, in any state of the sales pipeline, an activity such as scheduled meetings, calls or any other action that you must execute in order to close the deal.

  • Send and receive sales emails: Without leaving amoCRM you can send and receive emails that will be added to your contacts and leads so that you never lose important information about your sales process. The emails received in the email account monitored by amoCRM will create a task at the beginning of the pipeline and if the contact does not exist, it will be created with the information included in the email signature or the data that can be extracted from the received email.

You can also create profiles or attach emails to the contact in the CRM by sending them to special addresses that amoCRM creates for your account.

  • Move the lead through the sales pipeline stats: As a lead passes through your sales process you can update his status by just dragging and dropping him in the desired state.

  • Dashboard and statistics: All your business information, leads by status, pending tasks and much more, will be available in a CRM dashboard which with several indicators will allow you to see how your sales process goes in a short time. CRM Dashboard amoCRM In addition to this, you have a specific section of Statistics where you can see some CRM reports and information that will help you keep track of your business.
    CRM Statistics amoCRM

  • CRM app for iPhone and Android: With the amoCRM mobile app you can get the web app functionalities so you can keep your sales process up to date while you are on the move, visiting customers or simply when you are out of the office.

Toky and amoCRM integration

In a few minutes, you can start using amoCRM and Toky as a single tool, allowing you among other things:

  • Call leads easily with a click inside amoCRM. amoCRM Click to call Toky
  • Inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, missed calls and much more are automatically added to your leads in the CRM.
  • Toky calls are associated with your agents within the CRM to have a better control of your sales process. amoCRM call data sincronizada
  • Use your amoCRM contact base to synchronize data with the Toky caller ID.

Learn more about our amoCRM integration in our website.

How to integrate Toky with amoCRM?

In a few minutes, you can connect amoCRM with Toky and use our virtual phone system and your CRM as a single sales and customer service tool.
amoCRM integration

  1. In your Toky account click on Integrations
  2. Search the list and click on amoCRM
  3. Follow the configuration steps.

Do you want to try the power of amoCRM and Toky integrations? Get one month free of amoCRM for being a Toky paid customer. Click here!

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