How an attractive post on Facebook or Twitter can get you more phone calls from customers

The social media marketing has become one of the most used tools for companies to attract potential customers and retain existing ones. The illusion of closeness and personal communication generated by social networks make many followers and fans to become brand evangelists.

Social Networks users statistics

With more than 30% of the world's population connected to social media, any business should seriously think about taking them into account in their marketing plans and generation of potential customers. Some companies only publish content using inbound marketing strategies for generating traffic to websites and landing pages, but how about getting a call from a publication on social networks ?

How to receive calls from your social networks?

By creating an account on Toky you get a URL which can be added to your social media posts. Potential customers will be calling your company with just a single click. In this way, with Toky, you can use your posts on Facebook and Twitter to invite prospective customers to call for free from anywhere in the world, giving more option to leverage your marketing on social networks.

Toky business allows integration with your Facebook page. In just a few minutes, start getting calls from your fans. Try Toky business

When you create an account at Toky, you can customize your call link which keeps the following formats:

The username links and images on this page can be customized from the settings of your public Toky profile.
Imagen perfil Toky On public profile page the visitors can call you using Toky but also can see:

  • Service Days/Hours: Days and times you are willing to receive calls.
  • Status: A green dot shows that some agents are available to answer the call and red shows that there is none or your business is closed.
  • Links Links to your website or social network profiles.
  • Profile image: It may be the company logo or the agent photo.
  • Header image This image appears at the top of the box behind the profile summary and there you can put a representative picture of your business.

The link to your public profile in Toky can be used not just in social media; You can also include it in mail signatures, text messages and anywhere you would like to want to invite a partner or customer to call you.

There are more great features that will make Toky a great communication, marketing, and customer support tool. Curious?, click here!

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