How call monitoring can help your call center agents

Voice calls to your call center are a personal communication channel that add incredible value to the relationship with your customers. Unlike channels such as chat or email, your customers can have an exclusive conversation with your agents, which improves their level of trust with your business. There are situations in which it may be necessary to help your agents while they are on a call, and therefore, it's important that you're aware of how useful features like call monitoring and whispering can be.

Although cloud telephony solutions such as Toky have call recording that help you listen to your agents' conversations to evaluate the quality of their service or extract important information, sometimes this process needs to be done in real time. Call monitoring allows you to listen to ongoing calls from your agents for various purposes, and the whispering feature allows you speak to your agent without the customer listening to you:

  • Support agents in training: You can check that new agents are complying with your call center guidelines, using the scripts, and properly treating customers. This monitoring is important during the first days, and, if necessary you can use whispering to guide your agents in a timely manner without the customer hearing you, improving customer service quality.
  • Coach agents in difficult calls or with an irritated customer: In these calls you can assign a more experienced collaborator to listen to the conversation and advise the agent on how to better respond to the situation and provide the required guidance, improving the communication process.
  • Collaborate with an agent who is serving an important client or close a sale: In these situations, get a coworker to listen to a call in progress and provide the agent with the required information at the right time, facilitating a better service or closing a sale more effectively.

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  • Follow up of unmotivated agents: Some situations can arise that affect the mood of your agents, which can negatively impact their performance on calls. In these cases, you can monitor some of their calls to validate that they attend customers properly, and guide them when you consider that they need support to regain their regular working process.

  • Service quality evaluation: You can randomly listen to the calls of your agents to validate if they are complying with the rules and offering a customer service with the quality that your sales and support processes demand. When your agents understand that you can monitor their calls at any time, they will also be more attentive to compliance with your rules and quality standards.

It is critical that each agent treat every call with the importance it deserves, and that the growth and retention of your customers depends, to a great extent, on their work. Call monitoring then becomes an important tool for call center managers and coordinators, to help them maintain their team focused on offering quality customer service.

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