How should a true Click to Call service look like?

81% of Shoppers conduct online research before buying; this means that before they walk into a store or perform an online purchase, they've invested much of their time searching and comparing other offers.

Your website is the first contact customers have with your business and providing them with an efficient communication channel is very important.This way you can answer all their questions and prevent them from leaving your site with doubts about your product or service. Many companies offer online forms, chat, emails and phone numbers; but there is a new and fast-growing service you should be aware of; "Click to Call".

What is a Click to Call service anyway?

It is a service that allows a website visitor to perform a voice call and talk with a company´s agent with just one click on a button, link, image etc. Many of this type of services ask for a phone number to call you back, but this is not really a Click-to-call but perhaps Request a Call. Here we share what a good Click to call service should provide for both your customers and companies.

What should a Click to Call service offer to your visitors?

A good Click to Call service can't request more to your visitors than a click to make a call to your business, it shouldn´t ask the customers for their phone numbers in order to call them back. Many people avoid using these services fearing they´ll start receiving annoying sales calls. Your visitors will appreciate if they can contact you on a simple and free way.

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What should a Click to Call service offer to your business?

A real Click to Call service should provide at least the following:

  • It should be easy to install and configure: Implement a service of this kind should not be rocket science; in fact, it must be just a matter of few clicks and in seconds. It should offer a management platform that allows you to intuitively use the service to its full potential.
  • Multiple ways to receive calls: You should be able to answer customer calls from websites, apps and not just a forward to your landline o mobile phone.
  • Allow simultaneous calls: You should be able to take advantage of your whole team to attend to your customers if you need it.
  • Additional services: It's important that your customers can call you for free, but it is also to have extra services like voicemail, call recording and export audio files among others .
  • Callers information: If you receive a call from your website you should know at least the country and other basic information to give you some context to the conversation with the customer.
  • Integration with other communication channels: It is strongly recommended that a solution of Click to Call can be easily integrated with other services such as an existing call center or landline calls.
  • Improve collaboration: Although it's important that several of your team members can attend simultaneous calls, it is also recommended that the solution helps improving team collaboration, either through direct calls between members or transfer customer calls so that the right people attend every need.
  • Excellent customer support: Click to Call solution is a service that is usually paid for periods of time and to receive customer calls, you must have a very good service provider, available to help you with your business needs and problems.

A good Click to Call will facilitate your sales and support processes, with the simple installation process and with great features that will help your business or startup to get closer to your customers and increase sales.

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