How to add Toky click to call button to a website in Wordpress

Update: we now have a Wordpress plugin!

Wordpress is one of the most popular content managers systems (CMS) used by more than 51% of internet sites. It is based on PHP and MySQL platform and is sharing the market with products like Joomla and Drupal.
After adding the WooCommerce module, WordPress is now able to compete in the eCommerce market segment against platforms as Magento and Shopify. Adding a click to call button to your website could help turn visitors into customers and this can be done using Toky.

The simplest way to add Toky to your website in Wordpress is with our Click to Call plugin

How to add the Click to Call button to your Wordpress site manually?

To add the Toky widget and start receiving internet calls from website visitors on your site in Wordpress you must first generate the code for your widget. To do this go to the dashboard of your Toky account and in the sidebar make click on Widget Generator and then you can adjust the settings and then copy the widget to the clipboard.

Toky widget configuracion

As you insert the script for the Toky click to call widget on your website, you can use these same steps to add scripts for tools like Mixpanel, Hotjar, Addthis, javascript or HTML code. These changes can not be made on free sites hosted on

When you have copied the Toky widget code, you can proceed with the following:

1. Using text widgets to enable Toky on your Wordpress site

To add your Toky widget or any javascript or HTML code to your site you can use the Text Widget. To do this you must do the following:

  1. You go to the Widgets section where you click on the menu Appearance.
  2. You will see on the right two sections Sidebar and Home widget and to the left the available widgets. At the bottom, you'll find the Text widget.
  3. Drag a Text widget to the Home widget and Sidebar
  4. With a click, you can open each widget and paste the Toky script and then click on Save.

You must add the script to the Sidebar and Home widget sections in order to receive calls from your whole website.

Toky widget with Wordpress Text widget

2. Using a Wordpress plugin to insert Javascript and HTML code

To use this option you must first install the plugin. For this example, we will use Header and Footer developed by Stefano Lissa as it has a good rating and a lot of features. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Add New menu that you'll find in Plugins section.
  2. Search Header and footer or just Header in the search box.
  3. When you find the plugin Header and Footer by Stefano Lissa make click on Install
  4. In the next page, you have to make click on Activate plugin
    Add plugin to Wordpress

With Toky, your customers can call you for free in several ways. Learn more about Toky at

After installing the plugin, you have to configure it, so you can add the Toky widget code.

  1. In Settings section click on Header and Footer
  2. In the tab Header and Footer paste the Toky code below the SECTION INJECTION in the field, Every page
  3. Click on Save

If you can't see the plugin in the Settings section, this could be because it has not been activated. To activate a plugin, you must go to Installed plugins in the Plugins section.

Adding Toky widget script to header in Wordpress

You can always try our a Wordpress click to call plugin and start receiving phone calls from your website visitors which you can answer in a mobile app or in your web browser.

There are more complex alternatives to add scripts where you have to modify the theme files directly, but we don't recommend that unless you have enough Wordpress experience because if you if you do not do this correctly, you could cause failures in your site.

Toky works for any CMS besides Wordpress. Learn more about our great features and why not try, Toky for Business free for 14 days. Visit

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