How to boost real estate sales with your phone system

The real estate market worldwide is increasing every year. In the United States alone, more than 5 million houses were sold in 2018 (Source). This continuous growth makes the real estate market very attractive for many real estate agencies that have an extensive portfolio of properties ready to sell or lease. If you are a real estate agent, you will understand that this level of competition implies that any tool, strategy or technique that can provide you with an advantage, can make the difference between selling a property or losing a listing to a competitor.

A good virtual phone system is important for both independent realtors and large real estate agencies. It is not enough to have just a cell phone number when you must integrate your business phone system, CRM software, business applications, specialized websites, and property buying and selling platforms into your competitive sales strategy.

Benefits of a virtual phone system to support real estate sales

There are different features of using a VoIP phone system that go beyond phone calls, this can become significant advantages for your sales process. Some benefits are:

  1. You can start a call center in minutes and serve your customers without needing sophisticated devices or traditional phones. From a single call center, you can offer customer service for all your real estate sales processes.
  2. Your agents can be answering your customers' calls from anywhere. Whether they are in your office or outside showing properties, they can always be available. You can be continuously connected with your customers and your team by using desktop applications and mobile apps.
  3. You can easily buy local or toll-free phone numbers in many countries, which you can use for:
    • Focused customer service for big housing projects or properties in specific cities. If for example, you are going to sell apartments in New York City you can have as many phone numbers as you require and assign them to selected city areas or specific customers and projects.
    • Use dedicated phone numbers for each advertising campaign, real estate listing, or digital marketing campaign.
  4. Easily integrate your phone system with your CRM software or business applications you use. This improves productivity by reducing manual and repetitive tasks. With tools such as Toky, each inbound or outbound call is automatically logged into your CRM connected natively or through the integration of Zapier, and you can also call customers directly with a click without leaving the CRM.
  5. Send and receive text messages to notify your customers about real estate investment opportunities or for scheduling and confirming appointments with buyers. You can also send bulk SMS messages with customized messages.
  6. A click to call button on your website, or the page of your best real estate projects will help visitors make voice calls to your agents when they see something interesting. A call button increases the sales opportunity by providing visitors a phone call when there is a purchase intention or particular interest in the properties that your visitors are viewing.
  7. Call recording becomes an essential tool by allowing your salespeople to focus on communicating with buyers and customers and not on taking written notes. The audio recordings are also an invaluable resource for further analysis, agent evaluation, and general improvement of your sales processes.
  8. You can make international calls to buyers, customers, and investors at reasonable prices and help you focus more on how you will make your sale than on the cost of the ongoing call.
  9. You can add agents dynamically and remove them when need it. A virtual phone system is a service that you pay monthly for according to what you use. It also allows you to increase or decrease your call center team whenever you need to. More agents, in some instances, improve your customer service capacity for circumstances like advertising campaigns that can generate numerous leads.
  10. The onboarding process for new agents is simple, because cloud phone systems like Toky are easy to learn and designed to be used quickly. They also offer support and documentation available to answer your questions.
  11. You can group your agents and assign them to serve specific phone numbers or calls from your websites. You can also handle simultaneous calls, so your customers won't wait for a long time to be answered by your agents.

If you are looking for a virtual phone system that will help you improve your real estate sales process, we invite you to learn about Toky. Try Toky for free.

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