How to detect your best leads using Lead Score by Zapier

What is Lead Scoring?

It is a marketing technique in which you assign each new lead a score depending on certain variables relevant to your business. When you do this, you can prioritize your efforts and execute special sales strategies for quality leads who are more likely to become customers and other strategies for those that require more work.

Some evaluated variables are specific to each business, such as location, type of company, number of employees, used technologies, annual revenue, among others. Some variables may be more specific, such as the number of times the lead visited your website or used your product or service, whether they've signed up to your newsletter, or even scores given by your team according to their interactions during the sales process.

What do you need to do a lead scoring?

You need to get as much information as possible from your prospects, in a short period, ideally without investing much time and resources. To start, you could define your ideal customer, then take a list of your candidates to do a manual evaluation to each one, either by searching the internet or by using some tools for it. However, it is better when you use automated tools that allow you to obtain information just by a business email input. There are many lead scoring solutions, but we would like to share how you can start your process using Lead Scoring by Zapier, since you can easily integrate it with your CRM or business applications, including Toky.

Using Lead Score by Zapier

When creating a Zap, Lead Score by Zapier should be used after another application that has an email output.

Lead score by Zapier

When configuring the application, you should add the email output from the previous step in the Email field, which for this example is the New User action from Intercom:

Lead scoring with Intercom

Lead Score will generate information about the company to which the lead belongs, so it is essential that you utilize business emails to gather valuable data. It is also good to keep in mind that there may be instances in which a company’s information won’t be available.

Lead scoring data

From this information, we recommend you use these variables in your analysis:

  • Properties_customer_fit_segment: It is a general rating according to variables such as location, the technology used on their website, number of employees, website traffic, among others. The possible values are: low, medium, good, very good. Leads qualified as very good are the most likely to convert, according to Zapier.
  • Company_properties_industry: Industry of which the lead's company is a part of, it can be useful if you wish to add extra scoring for those types of company more in line with your ideal customer.
  • company_properties_number_of_employees: Estimated number of employees of the company.
  • Company_properties_location_country / company_properties_location_country_code: Name and code of the country on which the Company is located.

Zapier provides this information from the Madkudu platform, and you can learn more about the meaning of each field on its developers' page. Maybe not all your prospects have information available, and their score will be low so you can use the Filter by Zapier app in case you want to use only leads with some specific fields of scoring. For example, if you only want to do something with the leads qualified as Very good, you can do the following:

Zapier filter

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What can you do with your leads' information?

Here we share some ways you can use the results of the lead scoring:

  • Take all registered leads, grade them with Lead Score, and take the information to Google Sheets. There you can do several things:
    • Select leads with Good and Very Good scores and ask your sales team to do follow-up tasks with them.
    • Take a list of the best leads, get their phone number, and call them directly from Google Sheets with our Toky Dialpad add-on.
    • Analyze statistics of your leads' quality by country and by type of industry to fine-tune your marketing campaigns.
    • You can analyze better leads with Low rating since they are not necessarily bad, sometimes Zapier does not gather enough information to qualify them properly.
    • You can take the scoring and information generated in the Google sheet as a base to use your own formulas and improve the lead scoring process.
  • Use Zapier to send leads with Good and very Good scores to a particular Slack channel for the sales team to follow up on, and create special pipelines in the CRM. Then you can call those who left their phone number, directly from your CRM, using our Toky click to call integration.
  • Use the information to record your leads with complete details in your CRM software.
  • If you have a landing page that captures mobile phone numbers, you can use Toky’s integration with Zapier to send a specific SMS to those who have a better score.

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