How to get a business phone number using cloud telephony

Whether you have a traditional business, a startup or a digital business, phone calls still are an important element for connecting new customers and keep existing ones. It has been proven that callers to a business are more likely to become customers because the call shows a good interest in your products or services.

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To start receiving phone calls you must first get a phone number for your business and get it with a cloud phone system is the best option since the virtual phone numbers do not depend on addresses or long-term contracts; you can pay for them as a service for as long as you need them and you do not have to send any notification when your business address changes. This makes easy to start your business with a local phone your customers can use to call.

How to get a virtual phone number?

With Toky, getting a virtual number is as simple as creating a business Toky account and requesting your phone number.

You can have a virtual phone number for your business in more than 60 countries. Learn more

Request a business virtual phone number

The monthly cost of phone numbers is different by country, but you can get one free number in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Spain, Australia and a total of 36 countries when you sign up for a Toky for Business plan.

The virtual phone number requested will be connected to Toky's phone system and it can have features such as call queuing, simultaneous calls, voice mail, CRM integrations and many other that will help you to offer better customer service and improve your team collaboration.

It is important that you bear in mind the following:

  • You can have more than one phone number per country and city: This will help you to have local presence in more than 60 countries if your company has an international operation.
  • Unlimited incoming calls: You can receive free inbound calls either by phone numbers or by other contact options offered by Toky. This does not apply to toll-free lines as they have special features. Your customers can call you for free to toll-free or local phone numbers.
  • Toll free phone numbers: In some countries you can have national lines that are free for the whole territory. These lines could have a one-time installation cost and a price per minute for incoming calls.
  • Virtual phone numbers offered as a service: You can request the deactivation of any business phone number when you need it and you can also activate them temporarily, for example, to enable contact to customers in other countries, add extra phone call capacity in special seasons etc.
  • Additional services: Toky is a virtual phone system which can provide features like caller id, call records, call recording, voicemail, call queue, simultaneous calling, professional greeting messages, inbound and outbound calls and you can answer calls from your web browser, mobile phone using our Android app or even your calls can be forwarded to mobile numbers or land lines.

Get the phone number for your business with a Toky for Business plan. Sign-up and try Toky for free

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