How to get calls from your email marketing campaigns

One of the best tools for internet marketing is using email as a tool to convert subscribers or leads into customers. Email marketing campaigns are very easy to start and using tools like Mailchimp you can start with free and get a valid list of emails you can start sending well-designed newsletters or cold emails to promote Your products and services. Usually what you get from these campaigns are responses, clicks or in a few cases phone calls, but what if you could make your subscribers call you from your mail with a click? I'll explain how you can do this using Toky.

How to generate internet calls from your emails?

With Toky, besides receiving live calls from your website, you have a profile that you can find in the dashboard. Here you will see your call link wich can be like this :

  • to make direct calls to the call queue of your Toky companies account.
  • to make Internet calls directly to an agent.
  • to receive calls when you have a basic plan

Internet call link from Toky

After you have the call link you can add it to any link or image in your email. When the email recipient of your email campaign clicks on the link, it will be taken to your Toky profile page where he can call you with a click on the button.

How to make your internet call direct?

If you want the call to be made directly without any additional click on the profile page, it is necessary to make a few minor adjustments to the link in the final link will look like this:

For example, if you have the direct call link is

How to use the call link in your email marketing campaign or in a direct mail?

After getting your call link you can use it in any text or image. If your goal in your email campaign is to get a call, it is important that the call-to-action button is eye-catching but without affecting a good design. If you do not have how to make a call button image, you can make use of tools like Button Optimizer where with just filling some parameters you can create a button that you can download as an image to be able to add it to either your email marketing platform or your mail client.

Do you want to know what you can get? I invite you to click on the next button and make us a call, maybe besides testing the quality of our service, you could be interested in learning more about what Toky can do for your business.

Click to call button

It is very important to have a voicemail, because if you have customers in several countries, you may not be available when they call you, but it does not matter; Toky will always allow you to record voicemails which can be listened when you connect to the platform.

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