How to give great customer service with distributed teams

A good service starts by being there for your customers when they need you and thanks to the technology they can contact you through different means such as email, chat, telephony and even social networks. This variety of contact means is not only good for your customers but also for your business model since it opens up possibilities for you to be able to reduce costs and get more out of your work team.

Startups in particular, due to a national and even global reach, may have what is known as distributed teams; which are, work teams that are not necessarily located in the same country or city, but that work as a single unit. In the case of Toky, we have a team with people in Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, who are in charge of providing support and development of our cloud telephony platform and besides providing customer service to users around the world.

Customer service tools for distributed teams

Your customers don't care if the agents who provide the service are in one or another country or city, they are interested in getting a quick and correct response and, if possible, in solving their doubts or problems. cloud-based collaboration tools are a great opportunity and you can use tools like the following:

Cloud telephony

A cloud telephony service allows you, among other things, to have virtual phone numbers and click to call buttons so your customers can start live calls from your website or social networks. Your customers can call you for free and your agents can answer from wherever they are, regardless of whether they are in the same country as the caller or not. In our case with Toky, we have phone numbers in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico and web call button on our site, this allows our team to answer calls from several countries as if they were at the same place.

Our cloud telephony platform has CRM integrations so our agents have complete information about our customers.

Live chat on the website

Even when phone calls are a very effective contact channel for customers, there are people who prefer to use the chat to make questions about your business or products. In this case, it is important that all your agents be able to answer to customers in their language to avoid losing customers or giving poor customer service. At Toky, we use Intercom, but you can also use free solutions like to offer your customers an immediate way to contact you from your website.

Toky has an Intercom integration that will allow you to use this platform with your phone system like a single tool of sales and customer service.


Email will be always a good an appropriate communication channel with customers, besides, your agents can take care of them from anywhere and although it is not as immediate as a phone call or chat, it is a very good way to keep the contact, send email marketing campaigns that will help you to retain customers and generate new prospects and using cloud telephony you can even get calls from your customers from with a click on your emails.

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