How to make phone calls from Google Sheets using Toky

In any sales process, the organization is a very important element in a good strategy. One of the most common practices in outbound call centers dedicated to marketing and sales is the daily planning of calls; in this way, a list of phone numbers are assigned to every agent in a systematic way, avoiding wasting calls and covering as many leads as possible.

If you have a CRM integration enabled with your CRM, in most cases, you can apply a basic filter in your contacts and call using the option of click to call; however, you may need a more specific list of calls and that's where you can start using Google Sheets.

Using a click to call in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a tool that you can use for free and there you can have the list of phone numbers to call in a column and add other information that you wish to have in others. To call using Toky, we have created an add-on in Google Sheets which you can easily install and convert any spreadsheet in a call planning tool.

To use this add-on you must do the following:

  1. Install the add-on from the Chrome web store. After installing the add-on, we recommend you refresh your browser so that it can be completely loaded.
  2. In another window of your browser login to your Toky account
  3. Go back to your spreadsheet and click Add-ons menu, then Toky Dialpad and then Show dialpad. The Toky dialer should appear in the sidebar.
  4. Enter in one of the columns the list of phone numbers you wish to call in international format, and next to the phone number the name of the contact or any information you need.
  5. Select a cell where you have one of the phones and click on the blue button of the add-on. The dial pad will be reloaded with the selected phone number.
  6. Click on the "Call" button to start dialing the phone number using Toky.

Dialpad add-on click to call phone calls from Google Sheets While you talk to your customer or lead using Toky, you can still use your spreadsheet to enter notes.

Tip: You can group your phone numbers using different sheets in the file. It can be by business sector, country, city etc.

All the calls will be registered in Toky and will be synchronized with the CRM or tools with which you have integrated your virtual phone system.

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