How to use Google Ads to increase calls for your business (Video)

Maybe you know Google Adwords, as an option to promote your website and increase your visits and possible leads, but you should also know that it also has options through which businesses can get calls directly from customers who find them in the search results with click to call options.

How to request calls from Adwords

Ads enabled with call options offer the option to click to call only on devices that can be used to call. To request calls from your Adwords ads there are 2 options:

  • Adwords Call Extensions: It is a type of extension that can be added to existing text or display ads. You can select to have preference for mobile devices but they can still appear on tablets and desktops. These ads can send visitors to your website in addition to allowing phone calls.
  • Adwords Call-only ads: This is a type of Ad that is exclusive to encourage calls to your business and is only visible on devices that allow you adwords click to call. This ad won't send visitors tu your site.

The phone numbers registered in Adwords ads must be in a format that allows calls from mobile devices; they can be mobile phone numbers or local numbers with a prefix that allows calls from the mobile devices.

What businesses can use calling ads?

In general, local businesses are the most benefited with this type of ads. It can be useful among other businesses, for:

  • Local businesses that provide home services such as plumbing, electricity etc.
  • Real estate businesses that wish to promote housing projects, houses, apartments etc.
  • Restaurants that wish to make easier to get reservations.
  • Food businesses that do home deliveries.

How to measure the impact of call campaigns with Adwords

Using a virtual phone service like Toky, you can buy different virtual phone numbers and assign them to each calling Ad to measure the effectiveness of each campaign with reports of calls received by number.

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