How to use cloud telephony without changing your business phone number

If you already have a phone number for your business, you may believe that you will not be able to integrate cloud telephony services. But accessing services such as click to call on your website, simultaneous calls, call recordings and more, can be easy with two alternatives with the which you can use your current phone line and add it more services to better serve your customers and increase your sales.

Call forwarding and what it means for your business

Call forwarding service is offered by virtual telephony platforms and allows you to receive calls made using digital means such as the click to call button on your website or a call link as an incoming call to your actual phone number. Every call is redirected to your current phone number, whether is a landline or mobile. In this way, you will be able to answer free calls made by visitors with a click on your website or fan page in the same phone that you have in your business. Call forwarding, however, besides integrating your digital world with your traditional phone, will be restricted to the capabilities of your telephone service.

Features such as simultaneous calls, call queuing and voicemail will depend on whether your business phone line has these services enabled.

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In which cases can call forwarding could be a good idea?

This service is great for companies that already have a call center and only want to integrate Click to call services to their traditional customer service, but they do not want to go through additional configurations such as those required by number portability.

Your customers can call you for free over the Internet, but call forwarding has a per-minute cost depending on the service provider as they are calls that go out of cloud telephony platform to traditional telephone networks. However, the cost is usually not as high as you may think.

What is phone number portability by definition?

Phone number portability is basically a procedure in which your business phone number can be the same when you change your carrier or service provider. In this way, your phone number can be integrated with cloud telephony platform and your customers can still call you to the same phone number, but to answer you do not require a traditional phone, instead you can use apps on your smartphone or even an open window in your internet browser. Portability is cheaper than call forwarding, in terms of inbound calls costs, because as they do not leave the cloud telephony platform they are usually free.

Phone portability has some special conditions and its application depends on the country and the carrier. It is always necessary to check if the number that owns your business allows portability and if the process has any cost.

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In what cases can phone number portability be a good choice?

If your business has a traditional landline, you can greatly enhance it by making portability to a cloud telephony service, where you can count among other things with:

  • Simultaneous calls
  • Voicemail
  • Customizable greeting messages
  • Integration with CRMs and other tools
  • Caller ID and history
  • Answer customers calls from your smartphone or internet browser.
  • Easy to move location because virtual phone numbers lines do not require physical addresses like traditional ones.

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