How to use the Toky call link to get more customers

With Toky, each account allows the creation of a call link which you can easily share with any customer so he can call you with a single click. The call link will show your customers a personalized page with basic information about your business and a button to call you directly.

How to use your call link to increase sales

You can user your business call link in different ways, to offer your customers an easy to use alternative make free calls:

  • You can add it to your email signature so that your clients can call you from email campaigns or cold email.
  • You can make posts on social networks and get calls from your leads directly from any social media post.
  • You can share it in a chat of Intercom, Drift, Messenger or even WhatsApp for your customers to call you from their mobile devices.
  • You can add automatic responses to your forms using Zapier or any autoresponder tool and thus invite your customers to call you.
  • If you do not want to use the web call widget, you can use an iframe to add your call button to your web pages or blog. For this you can use this example code:
<iframe src="" style="border:0;height:580px;width:350px;overflow:hidden" allow="microphone">  
  <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

The previous code will display the following click to call button:

How to set up your call link in Toky

In Toky, you have call links for your business or for every agent. We recommend using your business call link in your marketing campaigns and using the agent link in each agents signatures or in the chats so customers can make direct calls as if they were using a phone extension.

Where is the call link of your business?

You can find your company call link in the Company profile option menu.

Toky company profile

Besides being able to customize the call link in the username field, you can add links to your business website, and social networks or you can also go to the Profile customization section to add your logo, background image and a short description of your business.

Toky public profile call link

Every agent can find and customize his call link in the settings of his account:

Toky public profile call link

Each agent can choose his personal call link and add it to an email signature, chat or any contact with his customers to call them directly.

In addition to the call links, you can get phone numbers, CRM integrations, and other features to start a great call center for your business. Try Toky free

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