How Toky works? [Infographic]

Keeping a good communication with customers is one of the main concerns of any business. Many businesses or startups have neither the technical knowledge nor the resources to pay for expensive PBXs that thanks to technology are no longer necessary and eventually become useless expenses.

In addition, despite needing a landline, entrepreneurs are always in motion; Toky it is a great option because it allows you to enjoy the benefits you'll find large telephone systems, but in a way that suits your business and your budget. With Toky, you can provide your customers a free and simple way of calling to your business; these calls can be answered from your office or from any location with internet access. The following graphics show you in a simple way how Toky works, but you are welcome to try their features creating your trial account:

How Toky works

We hope this infographic leave you a general idea of ​how Toky works, but the best way to know about Toky is to try it; so we invite you to experience Toky, creating your own or if you want to ask something, call us by clicking the bu​tton on the bottom right.

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