Hybrid and Remote work, better with a cloud phone system

Cloud services technology has enabled companies to integrate flexibility and portability into their business processes, helping them overcome today's challenges. Those who did not have this type of software as a service app, migrated in a forced way to be able to adapt to the new reality, accepting high financial and operational costs.

Of all the communication channels with clients, email and chat are those that many companies already had as a cloud service, but the phone system was still, in many cases, supported by traditional landlines, that, when migrating to a work-from-home model, generated problems in contacting with clients and collaborators, which affected businesses, some even leading to closure.

Remote or hybrid work models require your team to work in a coordinated and consistent way as if they were all in the same office and this is where virtual telephony comes in handy.

The cloud phone system offered by Toky, besides making it easier for companies to migrate to a virtual system, allows them to go beyond just being a replacement for telephone calls, but also enriches the support and customer service processes, with features that traditional telephony cannot offer as easily:

  • Easy implementation: Unlike traditional telephony where everything depends on telephone networks and devices, virtual telephony only requires an internet connection, so migrating the business telephony to the cloud is a simple process that can get your agents calling and receiving calls in minutes.
  • Portability and device independence: In addition to allowing customers to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection, the VoIP technology that Toky relies on allows offering different applications that turn any mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer into a business phone.
  • Flexibility: Virtual telephony allows you to add or remove agents when you need it depending on the needs of your business or your clients. You can also easily buy local and international phone numbers to expand operations with the same work team.
  • Technological evolution: By not buying devices but contracting a service, your cloud phone platform will be in constant development. At Toky, our team is looking for new ways to improve communication with your customers on a daily basis, which includes improving quality of our services, to the addition of improvements and new tools to help you sell more and be closer to your customers.
  • Ease of setting up a virtual call center: A virtual call center is one that, supported by cloud telephony, allows it to operate as a single entity despite having agents in different locations and even in other countries. This is why some companies prefer to hire agents in other time zones to guarantee a 24/7 service instead of paying night hours to employees in their country.
  • Integration of your telephony and your business applications: Virtual phone systems, unlike traditional telephony, allows real-time integration with your business applications. With Toky, we have integrations with several CRMs and business applications that automatically register call events, text messages and even WhatsApp Business, in addition to allowing you to make calls directly without leaving these applications. All of this, regardless whether your agent is in your offices, or working from home in any country.
  • Call recording and monitoring in real time: If you are concerned that your agents are not doing their job properly, or you want to support them during complicated calls, you can always enable call monitoring to listen to live conversations with your customers, or you can check call recordings for further action. You can also, in some cases, make an audio transcription to store the conversations in your CRM.
  • Easy calls with clients or colleagues: Regardless of whether your employees are at home or in the office, they can make and receive calls in the same way and even talk to their co-workers directly, just as if they were in the same location.

Virtual phone systems are a suitable tool for your team to work integratedly, whether it is carrying out tasks at the office, or from home. It is an easy solution to implement, with good and manageable prices.

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