Improve your customer service with Toky, Upscope and Intercom

At Toky, we have customers in many countries and it is important to have an efficient way to give customer support or make some demos on our phone system. Besides our own virtual phone system, we use Intercom live chat as a communication channel for our customers and visitors. By making use of our Intercom integration we can also be more productive. Being able to share your customer's screen to help him to solve a problem also can be a very valuable resource to use besides talking with him with Toky.

Share screen and talk with your customers from Intercom

To improve customer experience, in many cases, you can use calls and shared screens together.

Launching Toky calls from Intercom conversation

To start a call with your customer from a conversation on Intercom using Toky, you can proceed to send him your call link in the chat. You can find this call link in your Toky agent profile and you can share it in your Intercom conversation so that the customer with one click can call you directly.

Toky Call link for live calls

Screen sharing with Upscope and Intercom

To share your customer's screen, you can use Upscope that can be easily integrated with Intercom with just one click and your user's approval. Upscope allows you to start sharing a screen and having the voice call with Toky can make customer support and demonstrations an easy task. The combination of Upslope's capabilities to share your visitor's screen and highlight your actions, plus voice communication using Toky can greatly increase your productivity and improve your customer service by not requiring screenshots or guiding the user using only Intercom live chat.

Learn more about how Upscope works in this video:

You can do much more with our integration with Intercom. Discover all the possibilities!

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