Increase sales in Real Estate business using a virtual phone system

The real estate market is quite competitive and whether you have a real estate listing website or if you are an independent agent or broker, the sale of houses and apartments has become increasingly difficult. The sales process is not starting only with buyers calls to an agency, it has been moved to the digital world.

Real estate sales process using Internet

Beyond having a website and social media profiles, technologies such as a virtual phone system offer great benefits for those who want to sell real estate properties and for that I want to share how it can be used in different business models, dedicated to offering houses, apartments and even lands for sale or rent.

Cloud phone systems for a real estate listing website

People looking for real estate properties online can visit your site and use a click to call button to start a live call to one of your agents to talk about interesting properties; this internet call is for free, has an international reach. You can receive calls from investors from abroad, interested in real estate investing in your country.

You can use virtual phone numbers to offer a local contact point for cities and even countries where potential buyers are. You can increase your sales possibilities by facilitating the contact with more buyers. A virtual phone system will allow you to make outbound calls to potential buyers and keep track of each contact using a CRM integration and in this way, you can improve the productivity of your sales agents and also have a record of each contact made.

Cloud telephony for building companies

If you work at sales department for a building company, you can get a virtual phone number for each of your real estate projects and allow different agents to answer simultaneous calls from potential buyers; this alternative is much more practical than a mobile phone number, since it will allow you to easily have a complete call center for each project and with many features; you can also use the telephony platform to call potential customers, keeping a detailed control in your CRM.

If you have a website for your real estate project, you can use click to call button to allow your visitors to start free live calls to the same team of agents that take care of the phone numbers of the project using your resources more efficiently.

Cloud telephony for real estate agents or brokers

If you are a real estate agent, you are an independent business, so using virtual telephony as your small business phone system could help you to get your own business phone number in minutes and with an affordable price and separate your personal life from your own business of selling or renting houses and apartments. With your own phone number, you will have great features such as welcome messages, voicemail and much more, these functionalities will help you to show a solid presence to your customers, which can lead you to make more sales appointments and therefore to selling or renting more properties. If you have a Facebook fan page, interested buyers can call you for free with a simple click and you can answer those calls from your smartphone or your laptop.

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