Boost sales team efficiency with a power dialer

Sales teams have many calls to make each day, and they generally have a defined set of phone numbers to call. This process is done manually most of the time, with the phone numbers listed so that the agent begins dialing each number in sequence. This process can be simple, but when you have to do it many times a day, there are common problems that reduce the number of calls made. Among these common issues that we have are:

  • Dialing errors that the agent must correct, or even make wrong calls, that waste time and money.
  • Confusion with the calls made, which can sometimes cause a call to be repeated or some numbers to be skipped.
  • Difficulty in controlling call campaigns by relying on manual control, and difficulty in reviewing the call system, being that this allows the generation of call information for each agent.

Power dialer as a tool to calling campaigns

With a cloud phone service like Toky, you can use the power dialer tool. This feature will allow your call center agents to create campaigns, in which they can upload the list of recipients anywhere in the world. When executing the campaign, Toky will make the calls one number at a time, leaving a wrap-up preparation time between each call made.

Toky Power Dialer

This feature can greatly multiply the number of calls per hour that your agents make. Additionally, you can combine power dialer with voicemail drop, which allows your team to leave predefined voice messages when taken to voicemail. Toky will play the message on the customer's voicemail, while your agent initiates the next call.

Not only will you improve the speed at which your team makes calls by avoiding manual dialing, but your agents will also be able to focus more on the call, and using the notes and tags to have adequate documentation on each contact.

Toky can be easily used in your sales processes to improve them, through voice, SMS and WhatsApp communication channels, integrations and other functionalities that will help your business. Try Toky for free!

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