Increase your leads or blog subscriptions using an exit intent popup

Imagine that you enter a store and after a short walk you go to the door; suddenly one of the vendors calls you and offers you extra help and even reminds you of a special promotion for that day. Would you stay another time? The truth is that maybe you do, depending on what you are offered.

An exit intent popup is a conversion tool that uses javascript to detect when a visitor wants to leave your website and proceeds to show him a message with something that can be a special offer, a registration form or even a coupon, looking to retain it in the site or stimulate their purchase decision.

Many experts estimate that an appropriate exit intent popup can help you retain between 10% and 15% of visitors who want to leave your website.

This tool has several use cases:

  • Increase blog subscriptions: If you have a blog, a simple subscription form at the last moment can have great benefits.
  • Lead capturing: You can offer a demonstration of your product or service or even to send more details if the visitor leaves you an email.
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment: A popup with a coupon or a special message when the user tries to leave your site before making the purchase can help to the conversion.
  • Invite to see other contents: Maybe that visitor who wants to leave your site, could be interested in reading that great article you have about a specific topic or want to visit the features page of your product or service to better understand what it is.

In the tests we have done at Toky, although I can not give you percentages since they are very recent, I can tell you that exit intent popups are effective, but you must have well-optimized texts. You can even try customizing popups for specific pages.

How to add an exit intent popup on your website?

As I mentioned earlier this tool uses javascript, but to save you time I recommend you to use these two tools that have free plans and which will allow you to add exit intent popups to your website easily and validate if they are useful.


Mailmunch exit intent service

This tool is exclusively dedicated to creating popups to capture emails and has several features to help you in this task. In its free plan, there are some limitations on the themes and features you can use, but you will find the following:

  • It only allows you to create popups for a website, but you can enable them to be displayed only on some pages, devices, etc.
  • Allows custom fields in the form.
  • You can add images and some basic customizations of colors and texts.
  • It allows integrations with services like Mailchimp, Intercom, GetResponse among others.

The popups it offers are of different types:
Mailmunch exit intent popups Besides the exit event trigger, it allows you to configure other behaviors such as displaying the popup on the load of the page or hide it for some devices or stop showing it to a user after a certain time.

In addition to these popups you could try the Toky Click to Call widget and allow your customers to call you for free from your website. Try Toky for business free for 14 days


GetSiteControl exit intent and widgets service

This tool has much more widgets than Mailmunch because besides of creating popups to capture emails, you can create surveys, show promotions, chats, invite to follow your business on social networks and much more. In its free plan GetSiteControl does not allow integrations so you will not be able to add the emails to Mailchimp or other email marketing services unless you pay. The emails captured are stored on the platform and you can download them in a CSV file that can be opened using Excel. You can create all the widgets you need for only one website. An interesting feature is that for each widget used you can see basic statistics that you can use to validate the effectiveness of each element created.

There are many tools on the internet to create exit intent popup, but these were the two I tested and they seemed easy to install since they only need to copy and paste a code into your website's template, just like you do when installing the [Click To Toky Call Toky widget] (

Perhaps an option for your customers to call you for free and with a single click will help even more to turn that visitor into a customer. I invite you to learn all the features that Toky has for your business.

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